Monopoly Go wiki – What Each Event Means

Monopoly Go wiki – What Each Event Means

Our Monopoly Go wiki is here to help you understand what’s happening in the game. We all know that you participate in tournaments – both by just being there and by actively playing. You can earn a lot more money by rolling your dice with a multiplier. But sometimes, all the little events and pop-ups can be confusing. That’s where our Monopoly Go glossary-turned-wiki guide comes in handy.

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The Fanatics Point Monopoly Go wiki

In Monopoly Go, there’s a ton of stuff happening, so we’ve made an explainer to break down all the different boosts, buffs, and fun things that pop up. These quick events are extra bits of gameplay that can happen when you land on specific spots around the board or as rewards for participating in tournaments.

Bank heist

Bank heist is an event that occurs when you land on a railroad spot in Monopoly Go. In this event, you’ll need to match three tiles to steal money from another player. There are three levels of heist: small, medium, and large. Which level you get depends on the tiles you uncover on the board.

Board Rush

During this event, if you fully build landmarks on the boards, you’ll earn extra rewards.

Builder Bash

During this event, all landmarks you build are discounted. This means you get more value for your money on your current board and can afford to increase your level higher in one go.

Cash boost

This is a passive event where you earn more money from landing on property tiles, rolling doubles, or any other way you usually make money in Monopoly Go.

Cash grab

Cash grab is a quick event in Monopoly Go where the Monopoly man shoots money from two guns, and you have to tap bank notes as they appear on each side of your screen. Each note you grab earns you more money at the end. This event lasts for a few seconds and can give you a nice profit.

High roller

The high roller event happens in the background as you play. You can boost your multipliers – the number of dice you roll at once – up to 1,000. This significantly boosts the rewards you receive, but it uses up your stash quickly. It’s a case of “no risk, no reward,” as they say.

Landmark Rush

During the Landmark Rush event, similar to the Board Rush, every time you complete the final upgrade on any landmark, you receive extra rewards.

Mega Heist

In this game mode, any heist you try on another player’s bank has the potential to turn into a Mega Heist, offering even bigger rewards than usual.

Rent frenzy

This is another passive event that gives you extra rent targets on your board. It means there are more opportunities to earn rent from your friends as they move around the boards, resulting in more money for you.

Shut down

Shut down is like the bank heists, but it happens when you land on a railroad tile. You’ll see another player’s current board and pick a property to smash, earning you money. If the player has shields protecting their board, you’ll earn less.

Sticker boom

The Sticker Boom event occurs from time to time during the game. It boosts the number of cards you receive from each pack, making it an excellent opportunity to complete your Monopoly Go sticker albums!

Wheel boost

Another exciting event that appears is the Wheel Boost. It occurs when you finish a set of properties and then land on a space with a hotel. Essentially, you can spin the color wheel twice, giving you extra prizes.

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