All the Monopoly Go Full Bloom rewards : Complete Guide

All the Monopoly Go Full Bloom rewards : Complete Guide

Are you ready to roll the dice and step into the world of Monopoly Go? Get ready because the Monopoly Go Full Bloom event is here to make your gaming experience even more exciting! Whether you’re a pro player or just starting out, this event has something for everyone.

From now until the end of the month, Monopoly Go is celebrating the arrival of spring with its Full Bloom event. During this special event, players can enjoy new challenges, rewards, including pickaxes, stickers, cash, and, of course, a mountain of dice rolls and plenty of fun surprises along the way.

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All Monopoly Go Full Bloom Rewards

During the Full Bloom event, you can achieve various milestones to unlock rewards like cash, sticker packs, and free dice rolls. This event runs for two days, starting on May 1st, and offers 41 tiers of rewards. Players can earn up to 15,180 dice rolls. Below is a complete list of rewards and milestones for the Full Bloom solo event in Monopoly GO.

You can also get many pickaxes. These are useful in the Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures event, happening at the same time as Full Bloom.

Monopoly Go Full Bloom task levelPoints neededReward
OneThreeTen free dice rolls
TwoTenThree pickaxe tokens
ThreeTenOne sticker pack
FourTenFour pickaxe tokens
Five60100 free dice rolls
Six15Five pickaxe tokens
Eight25Ten minutes cash grab
Nine20Six pickaxe tokens
Ten150225 free dice rolls
1125One sticker pack
1230Eight pickaxe tokens
1445Ten pickaxe tokens
15400500 free dice rolls
164515 pickaxe tokens
1750One sticker pack
196017 pickaxe tokens
20800850 dice rolls
2160One sticker pack
226520 pickaxe tokens
237070 free dice rolls
251.2k1.1k free dice rolls
2690Ten minutes high roller
2710025 pickaxe tokens
28115One sticker pack
29140140 free dice rolls
31200One sticker pack
32250200 free dice rolls
3330032 pickaxe tokens
351.6k1.4k free dice rolls
36500Five minutes cash boost
37550One sticker pack
3980035 pickaxe tokens
402.5k2k free dice rolls
4190015 minutes high roller
431k45 pickaxe rokens
441.1k600 free dice rolls
461.15k650 free dice rolls
471.2kOne sticker pack
481.3k65 pickaxe tokens
506.2k6k free dice rolls

How do I play the Monopoly Go Full Bloom event?

Participating in the Monopoly Go Full Bloom event is effortless. You just need to play the game normally. During the event, special tokens will appear randomly on the board. If you land on one of these tiles, you’ll collect two tokens (or more if your dice has a multiplier).

You might notice more tokens gathered on one side of the board than the other. To increase your chances of collecting more tokens, activate a multiplier when you’re on the side with more tokens.

These tokens count as points, and once you reach specific milestones, you automatically receive the rewards listed earlier. It’s simple! Just remember to use all your pickaxes before the Sunset Treasures event ends!

That covers everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go Full Bloom event. For more thrilling events, explore our guides on Genshin Impact events and Honkai Star Rail events. And if you’re looking for extra freebies, don’t forget to grab some Coin Master free spins!

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