All the Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins rewards and milestones

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By Isabella Hart

All the Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins rewards and milestones

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By Isabella Hart

Check out all the Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins rewards you can get right now in Scopely’s mobile game. This event is super easy to join, and you can earn extra dice, sticker packs, boosts, and more just by playing.

Scopely has launched one of their biggest Monopoly GO events for March, called Monopoly Origins. This event runs for 72 hours, starting on March 25th, offering a chance to win up to 15,225 free Dice rolls. As with other Monopoly GO events, Monopoly Origins features a large milestone track where players can unlock various rewards like Cash, Sticker Packs, and Dice rolls. To reach these milestones, players need to earn points through different in-game activities.

By the way, here are today’s free Monopoly Go dice to get you started, and tips on how to get more Monopoly Go shields to protect your board.

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Monopoly GO Monopoly Origins Rewards and Milestones

The Monopoly Origins event is on now until March 28, giving you a few days to work through all the levels and get as many of the rewards as possible. Here are all the available prizes during the tournament:

MilestonePoints Monopoly Origins Rewards
157x Peg-E Tokens
2520x Dice Rolls
35Sticker Pack
550130x Dice Rolls
61015x Peg-E Tokens
71510 Minutes Cash Grab
815Sticker Pack
91520x Peg-E Tokens
10100225x Free Rolls
122525x Peg-E Tokens
1325Sticker Pack
15240475x Dice Rolls
163025x Peg-E Tokens
1735Sticker Pack
194535x Peg-E Tokens
20350600x Dice Rolls
214560x Peg-E Tokens
235010 Minutes High Roller
2455Sticker Pack
257001,000x Dice Rolls
2760Sticker Pack
286580x Peg-E Tokens
2970125x Dice Rolls
31100100x Peg-E Tokens
32150200x Dice Rolls
33200120x Peg-E Tokens
342505 Minutes Cash Boost
351,0001,200x Dice Rolls
36300Sticker Pack
37350150x Peg-E Tokens
402,0003,000x Free Rolls
4160020 Minutes High Roller
42650170x Peg-E Tokens
43700850x Dice Rolls
45750900x Dice Rolls
46800210x Peg-E Tokens
47850Sticker Pack
494,0006,500x Dice Rolls

If you’re unsure about some of these rewards, take a look at our Monopoly Go wiki for a quick explanation.

How to play the Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins event?

Playing the Monopoly Origins event is super easy. You don’t have to do anything different from what you usually do in the game. When you land on tiles like Super Tax, Income Tax, Electric Company, or Water Works, you collect top hat-shaped tokens. You get three tokens for each tax spot and two for landing on a utility tile. Using a multiplier while rolling will help you get more tokens, and the higher your multiplier, the more tokens you collect.

In addition to landing on specific tiles, you can also earn points by joining other daily and weekly events and tournaments. For instance, the Chest Quest Challenge event is happening alongside the Monopoly Origins event, so you can earn rewards from both at the same time. This gives you a great opportunity to double your rewards and earn a ton of Dice rolls.

Make sure to unlock as many rewards as possible, as the Monopoly Origins event only lasts for 72 hours, ending on March 28th. For more tips and updates, check out our Monopoly GO section on the website!

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