Family Island Chest of Fortune : Tips To Find And Open

Family Island Chest of Fortune : Tips To Find And Open

Are you excited about discovering hidden treasures in Family Island? The Chest of Fortune quest is a fun adventure filled with puzzles, treasure maps, and great rewards. This guide will help you find and open the Chest of Fortune easily.

What is the Chest of Fortune?

The Chest of Fortune is a special quest in Family Island. It combines mystery, puzzles, and exploration. Players search for a hidden treasure chest by solving puzzles and following clues. Completing this quest gives you amazing rewards.

Collect Daily Free Energy

To make your quest easier, don’t forget to collect your daily free energy. Family Island offers free energy every day, which helps you complete tasks and progress faster. Make sure to log in daily to claim your free energy.

How to Find the Chest of Fortune

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Collect Puzzle Pieces

Your journey begins by collecting all the puzzle pieces. These pieces are scattered around the island. Once you have all of them, put them together to create a treasure map. This map is your key to finding the hidden treasure chest.

Read the Treasure Map

The treasure map shows you where to find the hidden chest. It has clues and marks a specific spot with a pin. Follow the map to this spot on the adventure island.

Dig for the Treasure

Once you reach the marked spot, you’ll need to dig to find the chest. Clear the area by chopping down trees and other resources. After clearing the spot, the hidden treasure chest will appear.

Tools Needed to Open the Chest

Tools need to open Chest of Fortune
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Key of Fortune

The Key of Fortune is necessary to unlock the treasure chest. Use it once you have found the chest to open it and see what’s inside.

Lucky Magnifying Glass

The Lucky Magnifying Glass helps you find hidden clues. Look at the map and your surroundings closely to spot any hidden hints.

Lucky Shovel

The Lucky Shovel is used to dig up the treasure chest. Once you have located the exact spot, use the shovel to unearth the chest.

Using the Tools

  • Key of Fortune: Unlocks the treasure chest.
  • Lucky Magnifying Glass: Reveals hidden clues on the map and around you.
  • Lucky Shovel: Digs up the hidden treasure chest.

Claiming Your Reward

After you have followed all the clues, found the treasure chest, and used the tools to open it, you will get your reward. Enjoy the prizes you earned through your hard work and puzzle-solving skills.


The Chest of Fortune quest in Family Island is an exciting mix of mystery, exploration, and problem-solving. It challenges players to go on an adventure filled with puzzles and rewards. So, gather your puzzle pieces, follow the map, dig up the chest, and unlock the treasure – your adventure awaits in the Chest of Fortune!

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