All Disney Dreamlight Valley codes for June 2024 : Updated

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By Vivek Manjhu

All Disney Dreamlight Valley codes for June 2024 : Updated

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By Vivek Manjhu

Even though Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes has been in early access for a bit, the excitement for codes is finally here. After a quiet spell, the first redeemable code for the game was found in 2022. It was cleverly hidden in Halloween promo stuff for the life-simulator and gave a golden potato. Sadly, that code has expired now, but it paved the way for more promo codes to come!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun game made by Gameloft. You get to explore a magical world with Disney and Pixar characters, create your own Dreamlight Valley, and be part of exciting stories. You can play on PC, Mac, consoles, or Apple Arcade. The game has a cool expansion called Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, taking you to Eternity Isle. There’s also a special Cozy Edition with extra stuff. People on Steam really like the game, especially if they’re Disney and Pixar fans!

Certainly, more Dreamlight Valley codes are likely to pop up in the future. It wouldn’t be surprising if GameLoft hides some for players with a keen eye. Now, without further ado, here’s how to use codes and all the current active codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All Active Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

Here are all the active codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley :

  • PIXL - Air Hockey Table, Game Machine and Coin-op Game
  • PRIDE20231 - Gleam Tee
  • PRIDE20232 - Illuminate Tee
  • PRIDE20233 - Shine Tee
  • PRIDE20234 - Shimmer Tee
  • PRIDE20235 - Glow Tee
  • PRIDE20236 - Radiate Tee
  • PRIDE20237 - Bright Tee
  • PRIDE20238 - Dazzle Tee

Expired Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

These are the most recent Expired Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes. If you’re trying to redeem a code and it doesn't work, it’s probably on this list.

  • SG2023GIFTS -
  • SG2023 -

How to redeem Disney Dreamlight Valley codes

Redeeming Disney Dreamlight Valley codes is easy.

Open the settings menu, click on the help tab, and you’ll find a redemption code box.

Paste or type the code accurately, then click Claim.

Depending on the reward, you’ll be guided on how to claim your item, whether it’s automatic or needs to be collected from your in-game mailbox.


In my experience with Disney Dreamlight Valley codes, rewards are usually delivered instantly. If you find yourself missing rewards a while after redeeming a code, consider trying to reload the game or reaching out to Gameloft through its Dreamlight Valley Trello for assistance.

That’s all for Dreamlight Valley codes at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update this page when new ones are added or when the existing codes expire. Whether you’re new to the life game or a seasoned player, our Dreamlight Valley guide might have some helpful hints and tips for your journey. And if your backpack is getting full with all those redemption code rewards, make sure you know how to upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house for increased storage.

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