Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection Albums Guide

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By Devika

Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection Albums Guide

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By Devika

If you’re looking to learn how to collect Seasonal cards and seasonal cards collection albums this simple guide will help you get started.

What is the Family Album in Family Island?

The Family Album is a special part of Family Island where players collect various cards with images related to the island. These cards are grouped into collections, and each collection offers unique rewards when completed. You can access the Family Album by tapping the album book icon at the bottom of your screen, near the tribes icon.

The Seasonal Family Album unlocks when you reach level 8. Each album is available for a limited time, so it’s important to collect the cards before the season ends. This feature provides fun collectibles and practical rewards like free energy and gems.

Looking to boost your energy in Family Island for free? Complete quests, daily tasks, and participate in events to collect free energy. Don’t forget to visit friends’ islands for more rewards!

How Does the Seasonal Family Album Work?

  1. Unlocking the Album: The Seasonal Family Album is available when you reach level 8. Each season brings a new album that’s available for a limited time. Collect cards before the season ends to get the rewards.
  2. Collecting Cards: The Family Album contains six sets of cards, with each set having eight unique cards. Your goal is to complete each set to earn rewards. As you collect cards, a progress bar at the bottom of the album window fills up, tracking your progress and unlocking rewards as it fills.
  3. Viewing Your Progress: Inside the album window, the progress bar shows your advancement. Each new card you add (except duplicates) fills the bar. As the bar fills, you unlock rewards.
  4. All Seasons Button: The “All Seasons” button in the top left corner of the album window lets you flip through pages of previous albums. You can revisit past collections and see which cards you’ve collected in previous seasons.

Seasonal Card Collections

Family Island seasonal cards collection albums
Source- Melsoft

Seasonal cards are grouped into sets, each containing eight unique cards. Completing a card set unlocks free rewards like energy boosts and gems.

  • Viewing Collections: To see the different card collections, open the Family Album window and select the set you’re interested in. Below each set, you’ll find information about the rewards you can earn by completing it. This helps you decide which cards to collect first.
  • Rewards: Completing card sets can earn you energy rewards from 500 to over 25,000 energy. Grand prizes often include large amounts of energy and gems, making it worth the effort to complete as many sets as possible.

How to Get Cards in Family Island

There are several ways to collect cards in Family Island:

  1. Adventure Islands: Find cards while exploring Adventure Islands. These adventures provide cards and other valuable resources.
  2. Challenges: Earn cards by completing in-game challenges. Challenges vary in difficulty and often match the current season’s theme, making them a fun way to collect cards.
  3. Competitions: Participate in competitions to win cards. These events are time-limited and require players to compete against others, adding excitement and urgency.
  4. Event Activities: Special event activities often reward players with cards. These events match seasonal themes and provide more opportunities to earn cards.
  5. Promotional Packs: For players who want to speed up their collection, promotional packs are available for purchase. These packs often contain rare or exclusive cards and can be bought with real money.

Card Rarity

Cards come with different rarity levels, shown by the number of stars on them. The more stars a card has, the rarer and more valuable it is.

  • Common to Super Rare: Cards range from common to super rare, with rarer cards being harder to find but offering better rewards. Common cards are easier to collect and are found more often during regular gameplay, while super rare cards might require special efforts like completing difficult challenges or buying promotional packs.

Duplicate Cards

Duplicate cards are common when collecting sets. The game shows a small number in the top right corner of the card to indicate how many duplicates you have. New cards will have “New” text in the top right corner, making it easy to identify new additions to your collection.

  • Trade Trick: During special promotions, duplicate cards can be converted into star tokens based on their value. These tokens can then be redeemed for rewards. This system ensures that even duplicates have value and can help you progress in the game.

Tips for Family Island Card Collection

  1. Focus on Active Seasons: Since each album is available for a limited time, prioritize collecting cards from the current season. This ensures you don’t miss out on seasonal rewards.
  2. Participate in Events: Regularly join event activities and competitions to maximize your chances of earning cards. These events often offer exclusive rewards not available through regular gameplay.
  3. Complete Challenges: Stay on top of in-game challenges as they frequently reward you with cards. These challenges help you collect cards and provide other valuable rewards.
  4. Strategic Purchasing: If you decide to buy promotional packs, do so strategically. Look for packs that offer cards you’re missing or those that include rare cards.
  5. Efficient Use of Energy: Use your energy wisely when exploring Adventure Islands. Prioritize areas that are known to contain cards to make the most of your energy.
  6. Monitor Progress: Regularly check your album progress and identify which sets are close to completion. Focusing on nearly completed sets can help you quickly unlock milestone rewards.


The Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection Albums feature is a delightful addition to the game, providing both fun collectibles and practical in-game rewards. By understanding how to effectively collect and manage your cards, you can make the most of this feature. Focus on current seasons, participate in events, and use your resources strategically to increase your rewards.

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