Monopoly Go Shields : A Beginner’s Guide

Monopoly Go Shields : A Beginner’s Guide

Monopoly Go Shields are an important part of the popular mobile game, Monopoly Go. They provide players with protection against attacks from other players, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. This beginner’s guide will explain what Monopoly Go Shields are, how to use them, and why they are important in the game.

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Keep reading to find out how to get Monopoly Go Shields.

What Are Monopoly Go Shields?

Monopoly Go Shields are protective items that players can use to defend their properties from being damaged or stolen by opponents. In Monopoly Go, players build and upgrade properties to earn money and progress in the game. However, other players can attack your properties, causing you to lose money and progress. This is where shields come in use.

You can only hold a few shields at a time, so remember to keep playing and checking back to refill your supply.

How Do Monopoly Go Shields Work?

When you have a Monopoly Go Shield, it automatically activates when another player tries to attack your property. The shield absorbs the attack, preventing any damage to your property. Each shield can protect against one attack. If you have multiple shields, each one will block an individual attack.

How to Get Monopoly Go Shields

To get more Monopoly Go Shields, you need to land on a tile with a shield icon. These tiles show up randomly on property spaces as you roll around the Monopoly board. When you pick up a shield, another one will appear somewhere else on the board. If you collect more shields than you can hold, the extra shields turn into dice, giving you additional moves.

Monopoly Go shields

Why Are Monopoly Go Shields Important?

Monopoly Go Shields are really important in the game because they keep your properties safe from harm / attacks. This means you can keep making money and growing without any setbacks. Plus, if you use them smartly, you can save your money for big upgrades and not waste it fixing things.

And perhaps best of all, they give you peace of mind. You can focus on playing and having fun without stressing about losing what you’ve worked hard for.

What Monopoly Go shield skins are there?

In September 2023, Scopely added shield skins to the game, giving players more ways to personalize their shields. But getting them isn’t easy. You have to complete events and do really well in tournaments, usually ending up in the top five players. Right now, you can’t get any of the old shield designs.

Once you have shield skins, you can show them off in the Shield Showroom. You can find it by clicking on the shields icon in the user interface view or by clicking on any 3D shields you already have.

If you want to meet more friends who play Monopoly Go, you can join the Monopoly Go Discord. Here’s how you can do it. Also, if you’re interested in discovering more mobile games news, take a look at our list.


In summary, Monopoly Go Shields are super important in the game. They keep your properties safe and help you feel more relaxed while playing. By learning how to get and use them well, you can make the game even more fun and keep moving forward smoothly. Just remember to plan when to use your shields, keep an eye on how many you have, and join in on special events for extra benefits.

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