How To Become A Pro In Coin Master 2024

How To Become A Pro In Coin Master 2024

Have you ever watched your friends play Coin Master and wondered how they’re so good at it? If you find yourself curious about the secrets behind their success, you’re in the right place. I’ve been in the same position, always trying to figure out how my friends managed to outplay me. But instead of staying puzzled, I decided to dig deeper and learn some tricks of the game. These tricks have really turned things around for me, not just helping me catch up with my friends, but actually beating them at their own game.

How To Become a Pro in Coin Master

How To Become a Pro in Coin Master

In this guide, I’ll share all the tricks I’ve found to beat my friends in Coin Master. These strategies will boost your game and make you a Coin Master pro.

Get ready for an exciting journey to becoming a Coin Master pro! Before we get into the details, make sure you know the basics, like how to get coin master free spins, understand coin master boom level villages, and use Coin Master pets. This guide will help you succeed as we explore more advanced tips and tricks.

Get all your daily Bonus

Coin Master offers you between 100 to 200 spins, millions of coins, and free pet food every day. Surprisingly, many players don’t bother to collect these daily bonuses. It’s crucial to grab all the rewards Coin Master hands out each day. Even if you’re not playing the game regularly, make sure to collect these daily rewards.

2x your daily rewards

Besides the daily free spins, Coin Master provides several methods to gather more rewards. Let’s explore how you can boost your rewards collection in the game.

Hourly Rewards

Coin Master offers 5 free spins every hour, totaling 120 free spins every day. Additionally, you can obtain free pet food to keep your pets active and happy.

Big Raids

To increase your chances of scoring big raids in Coin Master, try betting as high as possible. Using Foxy while betting higher can significantly boost your raiding power, leading to maximum rewards.


Attacking is a fantastic way to earn coins in Coin Master. Utilizing the Tiger during attacks can help you generate more coins. Additionally, remember to use bets while attacking to maximize your rewards even further.

Complete card sets

Completing card sets is an excellent way to earn free rewards in Coin Master. You can acquire cards by purchasing chests, raiding other players, or utilizing boom-level villages for rare cards. Additionally, trading duplicate cards can help you obtain the cards you need to complete sets.

Coin master events

Coin Master events offer a great opportunity to earn coins. By participating in these events, you can win lots of coins. Additionally, having a VIP account can lead to even higher rewards compared to regular accounts.

Coin master clans

Joining a clan in Coin Master offers several benefits. You can share gifts with other clan members and receive free rewards that are shared by others in the clan. Additionally, completing clan challenges can earn you even greater rewards.

Watch ads

By simply watching video ads you can earn some coins and spins. The option will be shown to you when you’re out of coins and spins.

Coin master gems

In Coin Master, collecting gems can be rewarding as they provide free spins and coins. Make sure to gather plenty of gems to maximize your free spins and coins. Never miss any opportunity in Coin Master and try to obtain as much as possible to enhance your gameplay experience.

Utilize pets in coin master

Pets play a crucial role in Coin Master. They help generate more rewards during raiding and attacking and also defend your village from attacks. There are three main pets in Coin Master: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. Each pet has its own unique abilities and advantages in the game.


Foxy is a helpful companion in Coin Master, particularly during raids, where it boosts your rewards. You can activate Foxy once you reach Village 4 in the game.


The Tiger is a valuable ally in Coin Master, especially during attacks, as it enhances your rewards. You can unlock the Tiger by completing the Beast card collection in the game.


Rhino serves as a defender for your villages, protecting them from attacks by other players. You can unlock the Rhino by completing the Creature card set.

To maximize the benefits of your pets, it’s essential to level up each one. Additionally, remember to feed your pets to activate their abilities effectively. You can find a comprehensive guide on Coin Master pets to learn more about their features and how to optimize their usage.

Buy chest on Boom Village

In Coin Master, there are three types of chests: wood, gold, and magical. These chests are valuable sources for acquiring free spins, coins, and cards. However, purchasing chests in boom villages can provide you with some rare cards.

Whenever you enter boom villages, spend some extra time there. Buy as many chests as you can because these villages have the potential to offer rare items that are difficult to find elsewhere in Coin Master. By mastering this strategy, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a pro player in Coin Master.

Send Multiple Cards a Day

cards in Coin Master

It’s important to note that Coin Master imposes limits on sending cards to friends. However, there’s a trick to bypass this limit and share as many cards as you want.

Changing phone date

Here’s a trick to bypass the card sending limit in Coin Master: You can send multiple cards a day by changing your phone’s date. For example, if today’s date is August 15th and you’ve reached your limit, just change the date to August 16th. This lets you share more cards. But, it’s important to use this trick in moderation. Limit it to once or twice a day to avoid any problems. Remember, don’t get too greedy!


These tricks really work and can boost your Coin Master skills. We’re always discovering new strategies, and when we do, we’ll share them on our website. Be sure to bookmark our page so you never miss an update.

If you have any problems or questions about Coin Master, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and make sure you have the best gaming experience possible.

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