Coin Master Golden Pass Event  | A Complete Guide

Coin Master Golden Pass Event  | A Complete Guide

Curious about the Coin Master Golden Pass Event? Want to know how to join and what it’s all about? You’re in the right place!

In this quick guide to the Golden Pass event, we’ll cover everything you need to know. We’ll explain what the Golden Pass is, how to activate it, and the rewards you can expect to get.

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What is Golden Pass Event ?

Coin Master Golden Pass Event

Beginners often wonder about the Golden Pass event because it’s only for players who have completed 120 villages. In simple terms, you can access the Golden Pass event after finishing 120 villages. To participate, you need to reach this milestone first.

So, what is the Golden Pass event? It’s a special event that lasts for a limited time. During this event, players complete missions to earn rewards. There are two types of rewards: Free and Paid. If this seems confusing, don’t worry, I’ll explain further.

During the Golden Pass event in Coin Master, players can choose between two types of passes: the Free Golden Pass and the Premium Golden Pass. Each player can select the option that fits their preference.

The Free Golden Pass provides a set of limited rewards, while the Premium Golden Pass offers all the rewards from the Free Pass plus extra premium rewards exclusive to Premium Pass holders. The Premium Golden Pass costs $14.99, though the price may vary based on your region.

How to Activate a Premium Pass?

The Free Golden Pass in Coin Master is available to everyone, but to upgrade to the Premium Pass, you’ll need to activate it. Just tap on the Golden Pass icon in the game. You’ll see two options: Premium Pass and Free Pass. Above the Premium Pass, there’s a green button labeled “Activate” or similar. Clicking this button will prompt you to make the payment required for the Premium Pass. Once the payment is processed, your Premium Pass will be activated.

Now that your Premium Pass is activated, you’re ready to tackle the daily missions. Completing these missions unlocks the rewards offered by the Golden Pass, including exclusive premium rewards. Keep up with the daily missions to get the most out of your Premium Golden Pass.

What Kind of Missions Do We Get?

The Golden Pass event lasts for 10 days. Each day, you’re given 3 missions to choose from, and you can pick any one to complete. The missions change daily, so to get the most rewards from the Golden Pass, it’s essential to finish all the daily missions over the 10 days.

Since each player might have different missions, it’s hard to say exactly what tasks you’ll get. But all the missions are designed to be simple and easy to complete. After you finish a mission, you can claim your rewards. This setup ensures that if you stay active and complete missions every day, you can earn significant rewards during the Golden Pass event.

Golden Pass Event Rewards

When you participate in the Golden Pass event, you stand a chance to earn a variety of rewards, including Village Mania, Ultra-Attack, Stickers, Chests, Cards, Rare Cards, Coin Craze, Missing Cards, Thor’s Wheel Tokens, Gems, and Spins. If you’re a Premium Pass player, there’s an exciting bonus for you: as a final reward, you’ll receive a Joker Card. This wide range of rewards ensures that participating in the Golden Pass event is both rewarding and fun, offering something valuable for every player involved.


Golden Pass events are a great opportunity to get unique rewards in Coin Master. Choosing the Free Golden Pass is a good option for players wanting to improve their game. But if you’re after really rare items, the Premium Pass is the way to go. It all depends on what you want in your Coin Master journey.

Let us know in the comments which pass you’re using for the Golden Pass event. And don’t forget to check out the FAQ section to review all the important points we’ve covered. Whether you’re aiming for Village Mania, ultra-attacks, stickers, chests, cards, rare cards, coin craze, missing cards, Thor’s wheel tokens, gems, spins, or even a Joker Card for Premium Pass holders, the Golden Pass event offers something for everyone.


Coin master golden pass free or paid?

Both the Free and Premium Golden Passes are available to all Coin Master players. If you’re looking for exclusive rewards, you’ll need to purchase the Premium Pass. Remember, buying the Premium Pass also gives you all the rewards from the Free Pass.

How to activate the premium golden pass?

To activate the Premium Golden Pass in Coin Master, simply tap on the Golden Pass event, then find and click the “Activate Pass” button in the Premium Pass section. This will take you to the payment page. Complete the payment, and your Premium Pass will be activated.

How to get golden brick points?

Golden bricks are earned by completing missions, complete the daily mission to get golden brick points!

How to get a Joker card in the Golden Pass event?

To earn a Joker card in the Golden Pass event, you must purchase a Premium Pass. The Joker card is awarded as the final prize, so having a Premium Pass is necessary to receive this reward.

When will the Golden Pass event be available to players

Players have to pass 120 villages in the coin master to participate in the golden pass event. Once you reach Village 120 event will be available to you.

What are the rewards we get in golden pass events?

In the Golden Pass event, rewards include spins, chests, coin craze bonuses, ultra-attacks, stickers, village mania boosts, a variety of cards including missing and rare cards like Joker cards, as well as gems, and more. These rewards are designed to enhance your gameplay and help you progress in Coin Master.

What are the differences between the Free and Premium Golden Passes?

The Free Golden Pass allows players to earn a limited range of rewards without any cost. The Premium Golden Pass, available for purchase, includes all the rewards from the Free Pass plus additional exclusive rewards. Premium Pass holders also have the chance to win special items like the coveted Joker card.

How can I participate in the Golden Pass Event?

To participate in the Golden Pass Event, players need to have completed at least 120 villages in Coin Master. Once eligible, you can access the event through the game’s main menu. Remember to collect your daily free spins and review Coin Master tips and tricks to boost your rewards.

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