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Nowadays everybody likes to watch movies. Nobody wants to purchase movies, because they charge a huge amount of money. Here sites like Yomovies came into mind. Which help their user to download any type of movie in just 300 MB. No matter it’s Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies. They all are available on one platform.

As we all know, movies are the best source of filling spare time. Not just to fill spare time but, some movies also help people to understand the goal of life. Some movies admire people, some help to solve the problem of life. Every movie has it’s own purpose.

There are many sites available for downloading various types of movies and web series, but selecting the best one is a difficult task. So we have decided that we will post information about the best sites. Which allows you to download any movie for free.

In the last article, we have discussed about Movie4Me. But in this article, we are going to discuss about YoMovies. As we all know Movie4Me is the best site for downloading any type of movie. But YoMovies is not Different from it. Every site has its own merits and demerits. Same is here with YoMovies.

Today we will give you detailed information about Yomovies after reading this article, you ill came to know weather it correct to download movies from these types of sites or not. You will also come to know, how to download movies from Yomovies?

What is YoMovies?

YoMovies is the site that helps people to download Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil Movies For free. These movies are dubbed and available in Hindi. This is because if you can’t understand the language like English or Telugu. My favorite movies are marvel but their language is English. I can understand English but Hindi dialogue helps me in feeling. So I always prefer dubbed movies.

Here you can get many types of Web series. Which are only available at paid platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, etc. So according to me, this one is the best for everyone. Who is just found movies and Web series.

How YoMovie Functions?

As we all know that nowadays every stuff comes under copyright. Nobody can use or sell any product without the permission of the owner. Same is for movies, all movies, web series fall under the copyright. But sites like Yomovies are giving it for free, without the permission of owner.

This eventually leads to the loss of the production team. Because of copyright, these sites are doing illegal work. So many countries and Google have blocked them many times. Google blocks their domain name but they change it and the site starts functioning.

As they are doing illegal work so they can’t use Google absence. So they use backlinks and Pop up adds to earn a handsome amount of money.

Some queries about Yomovies?

There are various things that a person can’t understand. Here I’m to help the very first, Can I download movies from Yomovies? No, you will not be able to download it. You can only watch it online. This site will not ask you for adding your Email or registration.

You don’t have to pay a single penny for watching a movie from these sites which is a boon for any movie lover. You can find every type of movie on Yomovies. If you are not able to find any movie you can ask for it and after 2 days it will available for you.

When YoMovies started?

YoMovies starts with an idea of helping people to download Bollywood movies for free. With the time this site gets popularity and after it, they start providing Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. Now you can find any type of movie and Web series on this site.

These all available films and series are pirated. Which are illegal to download and watch. Now at this time, Yomovies has one of the biggest user base. It’s said that Yomovies has millions of users per month.

You can download Hollywood dubbed films in different-different categories. Like 480p, 720p, 1080p. The smallest size of movies is 300MB available in 480p.

Is it Safe to Use YoMovies?

As we all know that Yomovies use printed content on their site. This makes them an illegal site, because of this they can use ad sense of google. So to make money they uses many other ways. First of all, they provide backlinks. When you click on these sites you will be directed to other sites.

In other words, you can say that they uses pop up ads. which is illegal. They also run algorithms who helps them to steal your personal information. They also earn by selling the personal information of their users.

So according to me, Yomovies is not a safe website. Not only Yomovies, but every site which provides pirated content is also risky in my eyes. So you have to keep in mind that your personal information is on stake.

Is it legal to use YoMovies?

As we all know that Yomovies allows you to download movies and web series for free. All of this content is pirated and the use of pirated content is illegal. Ways in which YoMovies earn money are illegal so we can say that these sites are illegal.

Google usually blocks their domain name but they uses another domain instead. Many governments have take steps collectively to stop sites like Yomovies. Because this eventually leads to the loss of many production companies and government taxes.

The government has also issued a notice about pirated sites that if anyone is caught while operating and using these sites will be punished. So if you want to visit this type of sites you can VPN to hide your identity.

Alternative Websites of Yomovies?

As we all know there are millions of sites on the same topic and service. The same is here, You can find thousands of sites which will allow you to download movies for free. Every site doesn’t have a huge collection of movies and doesn’t offer good service. So here we will give you the name of some standard site. Which are having huge collection and easy to download.


2. Movies4Me

3. MoviesFlix

4. Worldfree4u

5. TamilRockers

6. FilmyWap

7. BollyShare

8. PagalWorld

9. MoviesMad

10. FzMovies

These sites are best for downloading movies. you can find any type of movie on these sites. If you are unable to find your favorite movie on Yomovies then you can try any from these 10 and I’m sure you will be able to find your movie. But you have to keep in mind that this al content is pirated(illegal).

Legal Alternatives to YoMovies and Pirated Sites?

There are various paid platforms that help you to stream various movies and web series. They are legal but they have their own demerits. Like some web series are available on Netflix but not on Amazon Prime. Some are available on Hotstar but not on Netflix.

As we all know that “Game of throne” is one of the most popular web series but it not available on Netflix. You have to buy the membership of Hotstar in order to watch it. So rather than buying Membership of different-different platform everyone prefers to download it from pirated sites like YoMovies.

These are the best five legal alternatives of Yomovies.

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon prime
  3. Mx player
  4. Hotstar
  5. Sony LIV

Effects of using YoMovies?

There are various demerits of using pirated sites like YoMovies. Very first thing is that downloading movies for free from pirated sites leads to loss of production company. That has a very adverse effect on the economy. The production house spends a lot of money while making movies. They can only recover it by selling film tickets and copies. but these sites let it for free.

Old actors have a fan base so they can easily collect money with the help of cinemas. But it is difficult for newcomers who are doing there first film. Even if acting and storyline is good they cant earn. Eventually, they are out of the film world.

Many actresses and actors have said this type of things and they have awarded us a lot of time so we should keep in that its loss of our economy and many others.

as we all know that these sites are using pirated data and this is very dangerous they uses various illegal methods to earn money and they can even copy your personal data for selling it.

This is why the Government has introduced a law called Law against piracy. Under which if anyone is caught while using pirated data he or she will be punished.

So if you want to use any type of these sites you should keep in mind various things. the very first thing you would never use it without a VPN. VPN helps you to surpass the boundaries of the nation and it will also help you in protecting your identity so that anyone would not be able to copy your personal data.

Second, you will use incognito mode of chrome because this doesn’t record your history and this will also protect you from various other things.

Note: We don’t own any of these websites and we are only providing information here. The web address or name of these websites can be changed by the owners at any time so we don’t take any responsibility for that. Also if you open these websites then you are responsible for anything that happens to you. We don’t recommend anything to you and we are not encouraging anyone to use these websites.


As we all know that nothing comes for free in this world. If they are providing you the copyright content like movies, web series for free then they are earning by your clicks and pop-up ads. They are also not safe sites so keep in mind that they can also copy your data and sell to somebody else in return for money.

You can’t trust them. Just for movies, you are putting your personal data on stake. you have a better option that you can buy membership of platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, etc. you can plan about spending as you can just buy one-month membership rather than one-year membership.

If you like a web series on another platform you can shit on it after a month. this is how you can manage. I also do the same thing. This helps me in enjoying web series of all platforms.

But according to me, Netflix is best than all other platforms. This provides you a huge amount of content and every English movie has subtitles with it. So majority of the time I use Netflix.

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