7 Best Torrent Sites That Are Still Working

Torrent sites are not a new thing to an online user. Almost everyone knows about how the interest works and what torrent websites do. Google is the biggest known search engine on the internet but you can not find everything using Google. There are so many things that Google can’t and won’t show in the SERPs.

That is where torrent search engines come into the game. They allow you to access the whole other side of the internet, where you can access movies, tv-shows, anime, cartoons, software, apps, music, ebooks, sports, and so many other types of content.

But using torrenting websites is illegal as they run on piracy and allows you to download paid and other people’s hard work for free. Torrent websites are banned in so many countries and even a few torrent sites owners were arrested.

Torrent websites violate copyright and even sometimes torrent files contain malware. So it is wise and recommend to avoid the usage of torrent sites.

Also, the torrent sites keep getting banned and removed from the internet so the owner keeps changing the domain. So users keep asking which torrent websites are still running, that is why I am here with the list of working torrent websites. Check’em below and enjoy!

1. ThePirateBay

This site needs no introduction if you know about torrents because it is one of the oldest and popular torrent websites on the internet. The pirate bay got a huge collection of software, games, movies, videos, tv shows, etc. The original site was started in 2013 and still, many mirror sites are running with the same database.

The site is very simple and easy to use and you can use this torrent search engine without any issue. Just open the website and enter your query and hit enter. You will get to see all the files related to your query and then using torrent downloader software you can download the file.

This Pirate Bay site is working and you can almost find everything on this torrenting website. It is still working in many countries but if by any chance you are unable to open this website then simply use any VPN.

Visit: https://thepiratebays3.com

2. 1337x

Here is another popular torrent site that you must have used before. But as the government keeps banning the domain names they keep coming with different domain extensions. 1337x is the third most popular torrenting site as per Alexa.

Google for torrent tracker list and you can find 1337x in that list for sure. The site was launched in 2007 and this site is running in so many countries and some countries have banned this website.

This website contains a huge collection of movies, tv-series, anime, applications, music, games, and software, etc. Even you can download ebooks using the 1337x torrent site.

Visit: https://1337x.to/

3. YTS – YIFY Movies

If you are looking for movie torrenting sites then your search ends here. Because YTS is one of the best movie torrent sites. It is also known as YIFY Movies and this site was launched in 2011 and it is very popular on the internet to download the latest and old movies in HD via torrent.

You can easily find the latest, old, and even hard-to-find movies on this site. The site is very easy to navigate, you can search for movies or browse their full collection.
They got a 4k movies section and also a trending section, so you can also watch what others are watching in case if you run out of options or don’t know what to watch next.

Even you can request movies if you can not find that movie on this website. To download from this website open the movie page you want to download and under the movie poster, you will find the download button. Click on it and select the quality and a torrent will be downloaded on your pc. Next, you know what to do.

This website contains pop-up ads, so it is a little disturbing. But every website needs to generate revenue in order to keep running. So you have to deal with that, but in the end, you will get what you want.

Visit: https://yts.mx/

4. Katcr – KickassTorrents

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about this website. KickassTorrents is like the god of torrenting websites and even the owner had to go to jail for it. This website was launched in 2008 and it is even bigger than The Pirate Bay.

Almost everyone who ever used torrent sites or knows that torrent websites exist knows about the kickass torrent site. As you know torrent websites promote piracy, so because of that owner was arrested in 2016 and because of that site was shut down after so many issues.

But the kickass team revived the website once again and it is still running. You can access the website using kickass mirror sites and download anything you want.

It also allows you to use P2P files download from so many different categories. You know how to use a torrent site already so not going to explain that here.

Visit: https://katcr.to/

5. Torrentz2eu

This is not the original website but the alternative to torrentz.eu website. As the website was suspended in 2016 because of legal issues. But now the site is up on the mirror links.

Torrentz was launched in 2003 and it gained so much popularity in its timespan. This website doesn’t have its own database but it is like a torrent search engine. The site works as a metasearch engine and presents you the files from other top torrent websites that you can download easily.

Just search anything on this website and you will find the result just like you can find anything on Google.

You can search for all the things like movies, tv-series, anime, cartoons, software, apps, and music, etc. This website doesn’t contain pop-up ads which you can easily close.

Even you can find study materials and download ebooks.

Visit: https://torrentz2eu.org/

6. LimeTorrents

Another great torrent website with a huge database that allows you to download movies, tv shows, music, anime, apps, games, and so many other things.

Started in 2009 this website is still running without so much fewer issues and bans. Website is banned in few countries but can be accessed using a VPN service.

You can easily download your desire file from limetorrents and even can upload your torrent on this website. The site got a very clean design and you can easily access everything.

Visit: https://www.limetorrents.pro/

7. Torrentdownloads

I really like the design on this torrenting site, as it got all the sections on the homepage itself. You don’t need to click too much, just open the torrentdownloadspro website, and then you can check what they got and what you need to download.

They got all the things covered like movies, software, tv-shows, music, games, anime, ebooks, and so much more on the homepage. Just scroll and you will know what latest thing is released and you can download that exact thing in no time.

You can search also using the search bar and they even show the recent searches by other users. Also, the today’s torrent section helps you to find new and unseen files that you can download if you are interested.

Visit: https://www.torrentdownloads.pro/

8. Torrends.To

Another amazing website on the list but this one is also working as a torrent search engine. It is also a successful torrent website and they can easily find the file you need using the search engine from other popular torrent sites.

The site is designed very clean and you can easily access everything on this website. You can even find information about other torrent websites and they even divided every category into sections and you can check those too.

Visit: https://torrends.to/

Some More Working Torrent Sites

1. https://eztv.re/

2. https://solidtorrents.net/

3. https://www.toorgle.com/

4. https://dirtytorrents.com/




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