How To Test and Detect Fake or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

This world is full of fakes, nothing is original these days and people keep getting scammed by others. Most people get scammed while buying storage devices. Maybe you are also one of the culprits here like me. Once I bought a 64GB Pendrive which was fake, when I checked its properties it can only store 10Mb of data.

So in short there are so many fake and counterfeit storage products in the market. These flash memory storage like USB flash drives, SD/CF cards, HDD, and even SSD are cloned and being sell by people at cheap prices. But when buyers try to use these devices all they get is a disappointment.

Counterfeit USB flash drives are the most common, there is no place where you can trust the sellers. Even on websites like Amazon and eBay people were caught cheating with their customers. So it is always wise to check, test the product first. You can easily check and detect fake USB flash drives.

Mostly the drives come with low disk capacity and speed. So these are the main things you need to check in a USB flash drive. We are here sharing the best free software to test and detect fake or counterfeit USB flash drives.

Detecting Fake Flash Drives

1. H2testw

H2testw is a free and simple tool that is made and distributed for free. H2testw Heise application helps you to check if your storage device is up to marks. Without any installations, H2testw comes with easy to use interface and you can easily use this software. H2testw is a lightweight software and this system maintenance and stress testing software helps you to verify the integrity and the performance of your USB storage sticks and other types of storage devices also.

H2testw works by writing big 1GB documents to the free area and then studying their lower back. If the examination records aren’t the same as what was written, there’s a likely problem. You can also choose a custom amount of statistics to jot down that is useful in case you suspect your force is probably a selected capacity. For instance, if you think the drive is handiest 4GB and not the full marketed 32GB, a check can be run on 6GB of statistics.

We all got so many important files on our computer, and if the storage device (HDD) fails to perform then you can lose all your data. This software will allow you to check if your storage device is working smoothly or not. You can download H2testw now and keep checking your storage devices on daily basis to monitor their health and performance. This way you can know when you need to change your storage device or you can make copies of your data.

After it’s performed the software program leaves the test files at the media, you can delete them or confirm them again. If you’ve got the time and need a totally thorough take a look at, try H2testw. It defaults to the German language however you can effortlessly change it in the GUI.

2. Flash Drive/Card Tester

Flash Drive/Card Tester is indexed by using its developer as a widely widespread tool for checking out flash drives or SD/CF playing cards but is specifically useful for detecting counterfeit drives with fake capability. It works in a comparable way to H2testw by writing statistics to the device, analyzing it back, and then evaluating the two for variations. Any mistakes indicate trouble with the force.

To run a full take a look at pick out your flash force from the drop-down and pick out the take a look at kind “write, study and compare”, then begin the check. If you don’t have the time to run a complete check on a huge or slow power, the data may be written to the drive now and as compared in a while using the separate check styles of Write and then Read. Flash Drive/Card Tester officially comes as a setup installer however as it’s most effective documents, we’ve zipped them as much as create a portable version.

3. FakeFlashTest

FakeFlashTest is a software to verify the actual capability of SD reminiscence cards and flash force media. The tool verifies the actual potential of the disk with the aid of writing blocks of statistics with a length similar to the declared ability of the media.

FakeFlashTest tries to repair the principle problem with H2testw that is the long term it takes for the manner to finish on large or slower flash drives. The first check you could run is the same brief test found in RMPrepUSB itself. This writes and reads 512 bytes of statistics at set periods across the pressure and so finishes in less time. It starts at the give up of the drive first so have to pick up an undersized flash pressure quite quick.

The utility turned into created to identify fake information storage media that seem extra often on Internet auctions unscrupulous traders. Carriers having a capacity of eg. Sixty four GB, in reality, offer a document of up to one GB of records. Displaying erroneous data concerning the system disk capacity is the result of a suitable memory mapping. FakeFlashTest at some point in the review system overwrites all records providers. Before starting the procedure to confirm the potential of the chosen pressure or SD card, please make a replica of all stored files.

The FakeFlashTest utility is from the developer of the RMPrepUSB multipurpose USB tool. One factor of RMPrepUSB is a brief take a look at to test your force and its actual potential, this is a prolonged and more desirable version of that and is released as a standalone executable. Unlike a few different comparable types of equipment, FakeFlashTest is not that old so consists of optimizations and techniques higher ideal for modern-day flash media.

The second take a look at is similar to H2testw and writes to the free area at the power then reads it back to confirm. The technique has been optimized to optimistically whole the challenge tons faster than H2testw. The written files are read again at durations of 3GB, 5GB, 9GB, and 17GB. It way that in case your fake pressure virtually has a 4GB capability, you should know after the 5GB read test and won’t want to move any similarly.

Do be aware that the fast test is negative which means something at the power can be overwritten, so make sure your documents are subsidized up. The slower check is not intended to be detrimental but can nevertheless corrupt your files if they’re on a horrific region of the drive, so it’s noticeably beneficial to backup first in both manners.

4. Quick Disk Test

This device is made in Java so it could run on different running systems like Mac and Linux in addition to Windows. It does glaringly suggest you need Java installed on your machine. To run Quick Disk Test, you may have to right-click on the .Jar record and pick out Open or Open with > “Java(TM) Java Platform Binary” as double click won’t paintings.

Click the area button at the pinnacle to pick out a power. How plenty statistics you need to write down is as much as you. For instance, you could choose to 30% fill the force or fill it with a specific amount of statistics. Alternatively, use the depart unfastened choice to do the other. Fake drives are commonly something like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB so that you could begin with a percent with the intention to cover a few or all of those capacities.

Data already at the pressure isn’t overwritten but new statistics are delivered to fill to the selected quantity. A useful function is being capable of preventing the process whilst writing facts to the power, restart the program later and hold the filling in which it left off. For some obscure reason, the drop-down capacity menus go as much as Yottabytes which you’ll by no means need. For people who don’t understand, one Yottabyte is one Trillion Terrabytes!

5. USB Memory Stick Tester

USB Memory Stick Tester is a small application designed to help to test removable storage media (such as USB memory sticks) for defects. Currently, USB Memory Stick Tester works only on Windows XP. It would probably work under Windows 2000, but it might not work under older versions.

6. ChipGenius

If you have a USB Flash drive, try using ChipGenius as a first test and a very quick ‘test’. Often this will reveal the true size of the memory chips(s) fitted by the manufacturer.

The packages indexed certainly paintings in the equal manner that’s to physically write statistics onto the disk and then examine it again to peer if the records are accurate or corrupt. ChipGenius is absolutely unique and in reality, doesn’t contact the statistics at the power at all. Instead, it reads the information from the flash reminiscence chip within the drive to peer what it is and what its real capability has to be.

Run this system and search for the facts about the flash chip interior of your device, a line will deliver the seller and version variety of the chip and hopefully its actual capacity. If the potential isn’t shown, replica the other records on the line (Ctrl+C) and enters it right into a search engine, which might offer a few greater records. Right-click on the window to replicate all the proven statistics on the clipboard.

 (Password =

To keep away from being cheated, ask the seller to run thru their Flash Drive with such software and have the record emailed returned to you. This will be a legal file in the event that she or he willingly sold you a faux product that doesn’t fit the description. Here is a few software that allows you to check the proper capacity of your MicroSD Cards by using SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, Western Digital, ADATA, and greater.

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