Damaged Sandisk SD Card? Check 5 Free SD Card Repair Tools

SD card is an important part of everyone’s life these days and without an SD card, it is very hard to store data. Doesn’t matter if you are using a smartphone, computer, digital camera or tablet, etc. you need some storage device to store all the data and most of these devices use SD card support.

SD card is little and easy to carry and store, that is why so many people prefer SD cards. But SD cards can be corrupted in so many ways. If the SD is card is broken then you just need to buy a new one, but if the SD card is damaged or corrupted then there is still a little chance that you can save your SD card and get all the data inside it.

Here is this tutorial we are going to share different methods and SD card repair tools that you can use to save your SD card and then you will be able to retrieve all the data from it.

You can easily use this method for Sandisk SD card repair and this also works for other SD cards as well.

Best SD Card Repair Tools

1. Disk Drill SD Card Repair Tool

software to format corrupted memory card

Disk Drill is the first-rate SD card repair software program for free. It can recover permanently deleted files and misplaced walls from all SD cards, it is able to support the FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3/ext4, HFS+, and APFS file systems.

Disk Drill is a characteristic-packed SD card restore device capable of acting a full scan of a corrupted SD card and recovering all facts from it with some clicks. It supports all document structures which might be normally used to format SD cards, consisting of FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

Second, Disk Drill has an intuitive consumer interface that lets you scan your SD card with an easy click and offers you the choice to preview all recoverable files earlier than you decide to their healing.

Usually, Disk Drill can understand even failing SD playing cards which are no longer readable by way of different programs and devices. Its effective scanning algorithms can analyze the internal structure of corrupted SD cards and retrieve all broken documents.

Third, the simple model of Disk Drill can recover up to 500 MB of facts at no cost, so that you can absolutely test the way it works earlier than upgrading to Disk Drill PRO. What’s greater, all variations of Disk Drill come with extra loose disk gear that you can use to shield crucial documents and organize your facts.

Because Disk Drill considers ease of use to be of some importance to performance, you don’t want to recognize how SD cards work as a way to recover corrupted facts from them. All you want to do is download both the Windows or Mac version of Disk Drill, install it in your pc, and start the recovery technique.

Key Features:

  • Feature-packed SD card repair tool.
  • Support for all commonly used file systems.
  • Can recognize even failing SD cards.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works on Windows and Mac computers.
  • One-click SD card repair.
  • Comes with extra free disk tools.

2. SanDisk SD Card Repair Tool

sandisk sd card repair tool

SanDisk RescuePRO Deluxe is a reachable SD card repairing software tool from one in all the biggest producers of SD cards within the international. The tool has committed buttons for recovering photographs, audio/video, and different documents, allowing you to begin the restoration manner with a simple click on. The Deluxe version can restore even 1 TB huge SD cards, whilst the Standard model is restrained to 256 GB.

SanDisk RescuePRO and RescuePRO® Deluxe are the pleasant statistics healing merchandise for getting better misplaced and deleted documents and motion pictures from all kinds of digital media.SanDisk RescuePRO® and RescuePRO® Deluxe recover a variety of record kinds such as photographs, video, files, tunes, and masses of other famous document kinds. If you latterly received a mistakes message while trying to examine your card, or in case you seem to have “lost” images, records, or different misplaced files for your virtual media tool, SanDisk RescuePRO can be just the answer for you.

There are 3 variations of SanDisk RescuePRO. The Standard version can get better records from as much as 256 GB large SD playing cards, and it supports the most commonplace file formats. The Deluxe version helps up to 1 TB large SD playing cards and further record codecs. Finally, the Deluxe Commercial model gives equal functions because the ordinary Deluxe version, but it is able to be used for commercial purposes.

Included in SanDisk RescuePRO is a beneficial SD card imaging software that you could use to create a picture of your SD card for restoration at a later time.

Key Features:

  • Supports up to 1 TB large SD cards.
  • Officially endorsed by SanDisk.
  • Recovers all commonly used RAW image file formats.
  • Can preview recoverable files.
  • Built-in backup tool.

3. Kickass Undelete

 disk drill sd card repair tool

Kickass Undelete is a free, completely featured, record restoration device for Windows. Accidentally deleted a report? Never worry; the facts are probably nevertheless to your power and may be recoverable. Kickass Undelete unearths all of the deleted documents for your difficult force, flash drive, or SD card and allows you to get better at them.

If you’re searching for a simple SD card restore device that you can use to undelete lost documents with no boundaries, then Kickass Undelete is an extraordinary preference. Well, at the least in case you’re a Windows consumer because that’s the most effective running machine this software supports. Apart from its charge, possibly the subsequent pleasant issue about Kickass Undelete is its truthful user interface, which significantly blessings from the tool’s constrained wide variety of options and functions and nearly hideously huge test button.

Key Features:

  • Free and Open Source
  • Support for both FAT and NTFS filesystems
  • Filter by filename and extension
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Unreasonably large scan button

4. Recoverit by Wondershare

 samsung sd card repair tool

Recoverit is an unfastened records restoration tool designed for Windows users. Formerly called Wondershare Data Recovery, this system comes with many functions, consisting of quick and deep experiments, superior video recuperation, and preview functionality, among others. You can use this system to get better misplaced or deleted files from a number of gadgets, which include your cellular cellphone, pill, music player, and extra. Recoverit download is available in each unfastened and paid variation, however, the free version places a 100MB restrict on statistics recuperation.

Recoverit by means of Wondershare is a versatile records restoration software with micro SD, CF, and SDHC card recovery abilities. It can recover documents from lost, deleted, RAW, or inaccessible walls using its Quick and Deep Scan algorithms.

As the call shows, Recoverit is a loose facts restoration software program for Windows 10 and under. However, that’s no longer all, the program can restore information from almost all storage devices, such as cellular phones, track gamers, tough drives, outside disks, and USB drives, amongst others. Whether you want to get better files, audio documents, motion pictures, pictures, or some other report, you may accomplish that with Recoverit.

When getting better files from a massive SD card, you’ll appreciate the option to pause the experiment and recover any files which have already been positioned by using the software. You can preview all documents to make sure which you’re convalescing what you sincerely need to recover.

Developed via Wondershare, Recoverit gets you documents that you can have by accident deleted. It also works on documents that may were lost due to partition loss or some harm to the garage tool. You can use this system to run a deep or short experiment to discover files that you can have disregarded. Moreover, you can preview all documents earlier than they’re recovered and achieve this even as this system is inside the middle of scanning.

Thanks to its superior video recovery and repair talents, Recoverit via Wondershare is specifically well desirable for videographers who need to recover corrupted video documents from an SD card. Recoverable documents can be previewed without cost, however limitless restoration and the aforementioned superior video recuperation and repair competencies are to be had simplest to paying customers.

Key Features:

  • Advanced video recovery and repair capabilities.
  • Ability to preview recoverable files for free.
  • Recovers all kinds of data and from various storage devices.

5. DiskGenius

sd card corrupted android fix without computer

DiskGenius is a versatile program packed with comprehensive functions for partition recovery, file recovery, disk management, data backup, disk utilities, etc. It manages storage space with high efficiency, recovers data lost due to disk corruption, formatting, deletion, virus attack, etc., and provides the easiest yet reliable backup solutions to let users say NO to data loss.

DiskGenius describes itself as an all-in-one restore and recuperation answer that addresses most issues users face whilst working with SD playing cards. For example, it can find and repair bad sectors, restore diverse records loss troubles, resize or make bigger partitions, and more. While DiskGenius doesn’t have the maximum polished user interface obtainable, the fact that it’s used by companies consisting of Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft says loads approximately its performance.

Key Features:

  • Recover Lost Files From Partition
  • Backup And Restore Partition Table
  • Clone Partition or Clone Disk
  • Verify and Repair Bad Sectors

Memory Card Corruption Reasons?

Memory cards can become corrupted for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Human factor: Most cases of SD card corruption are due to mistaken use. For instance, you should never take away an SD card at the same time as files are nonetheless being transferred to/from it. To be safer, flip off the tool the SD card is connected to first after which take away it. It’s additionally a very good concept to avoid allowing your SD card to expire of available storage space before shifting documents from it.
  • Malware and viruses: Viruses and malware can motive SD card corruption even if they’re not designed to do so. In an attempt to spread to every related device, they every so often forcibly input an SD card whilst it’s in use, causing other programs to fail all of sudden. There are also traces of malware able to scrambling the complete content material of an SD card the usage of a strong encryption set of rules to make it inaccessible without the proper decryption key, which is frequently bought by means of their creators for a hefty price.
  • Environmental factors: Excessive heat and moisture can cause any SD card to become corrupted. These small storage devices are not meant to be durable, and they can easily be damaged if not properly protected and stored.
  • Manufacturing defects: There are many distinctive SD card producers, some generating fantastically reliable SD cards that target expert users, and others producing budget SD playing cards of questionable reliability. You may also even come upon counterfeit SD cards which have been synthetic using flash reminiscence chips that have been discarded by means of different manufacturers for being defective.
  • Software errors: Memory card corruption can also be caused by buggy software, which is why it’s a good idea to first copy files from your SD card to your computer before you start editing them.

Use the chkdsk command to attempt a memory card recovery

Another SD card bad sector repair tool available for users is the Command Prompt. This is also a built-in tool that has features like managing hard drives, partitions, and volumes using specific commands. With this utility, users can perform all tasks as usual and so much more. The Check Disk command is the one we can use to fix errors in the SD card and repair it without formatting.

  1. Type cmd in the Windows search box which opens a command prompt and choose to run as administrator.
  2. Type chkdsk F: /f /x /r and hit enter and do not forget to Replace F (F which is right after chkdsk) with the drive letter of your SD card.

sd card repair tool free download

Final Words

There are so many ways on the internet that claims that you can recover/repair your SD card but in actual chances are very low. We shared the best methods here and if these aren’t working then you know the bad news. However, keep trying each and every method and SD card repair tool that we shared. Maybe any of these may work for you and you will be able to repair your SD card.

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