How To Repair Corrupted USB Drive | Any Working USB Repair Tool?

Corrupted USB Drive? Is your USB drive isn’t working also? Well, here we are on the same page where you will teach how you can possibly repair a corrupted USB drive. USB drives are normally used items in our daily life, doesn’t matter if you are sharing data with others or just storing your data in a private device USB drive can help you in that case. But when that USB drive stops working, then the real problem starts.

So after so many requests here we are with a definite guide that can help you to recover your USB drive and maybe you can recover your data from a corrupted USB drive also. We are not claiming that these methods will work 100%, but if there is any chance that your USB drive can be repaired and start working then why not give it a try.

Now without wasting much time let’s start the process:-

Repair Corrupted USB Drive

1. CHKDSK Utility

First, we are going to try the most reliable method. There is no need for an extra tool you just need a computer with Windows install. If you got that then follow the steps given below. Don’t forget to insert the USB drive into the computer first.

  • Open Command Prompt (CMD). You can open this by press the Windows Button + R buttons then type cmd and hit enter.

how to fix corrupted usb using cmd

  • Then you need to enter this command chkdsk F: /f /r /x. Don’t forget to replace the F letter with the USB drive letter. You can check the USB drive letter in the My Computer.

how to fix a corrupted flash drive without formatting

  • All done, this will probably fix your corrupted USB drive.

/f command represents fixing of USB drive errors.

/x command represents getting the USB drive dismantled.

/r command represents locating bad sectors inside such a USB drive.

2. Check Disk with Error Checking

There is one more method that also can be performed using Windows only. No need to purchase or download any additional tool. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Get the corrupt USB drive inserted into your system. Now head over to File Explorer and then This PC.
  • Get the USB device right-clicked on. After that, select Properties below from the listed options.

click on properties

  • You will be shown a page where there are various options to choose from. Click on Tools after that. Beneath Error Checking, the Check button should be clicked on.

begin error checking

  • The scan and repair drive option should be selected.

scan and repair drive

  • If there are disk errors, you will be asked whether to fix them automatically.

3. Reinstall the Drivers

Reinstalling the drivers is another effective USB repair method that most people are yet to discover. It is a straightforward process that doesn’t require you to do much as explained in the steps below.

  • Locate My Computer and get it right-clicked on. After that, locate Manage and click on it.

manage my computer

  • On the left, get Device Manager clicked on.

device manager

  • Disk Drives should be selected. After that, your pen drive should be selected.

select disk drive

  • Uninstall should be clicked on after which you will have to click on OK.

confirm device uninstall

  • Pen Drive should be removed after which you will then get your system restarted. Your PC will be able to detect it.

4. Changing Drive Letter

  • Right-click the Start icon.
  • Select Disk Management and click on it.
  • Right-click the corrupted USB drive and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths…”
  • Click on the drive letter and click the Change button.

how to fix corrupted flash drive without losing data

  • Choose a different letter from the drop-down list and click OK.
  • Done


That’s it guys, we are not sharing any paid or free tool to repair corrupted USB drives. Because we don’t think any tool can fix your USB drive if it is broken or corrupted and can not be fixed using the above methods. So follow these methods and if it works then enjoy otherwise go and buy a new one, my friend.

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