Top 5 New Games for Android in 2024 – Must Play

A list full of New Games for Android to play on your Android device in 2024 with high graphics.
New Games for Android

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New Games for Android : Jump into the coolest games for your Android mobile in 2024! Imagine new adventures, fun challenges, and high end graphics. These New Games are different from traditional racing and other games, making it super exciting. It doesn’t matter if you play games a lot or just a little – these New Games for Android are here to make your gameplay super fun and will surely increase your screen-time. Let’s check out what’s new in our list and start playing!

Best New Games for Android are :

1. Minitruck Simulator Vietnam

2. Stunt Bike Extreme

3. Demolition Derby 3

4. Art of Rally

5. Grand Gangster : Mafia Dad Sim

Minitruck Simulator Vietnam

Minitruck Simulator Vietnam

Mini truck Simulator Vietnam- is a free driving game developed by web3o technology with a file size of 260 mb. This game provides players true and realistic experience of driving the truck in the city of Vietnam. While navigating through the lanes of city of Vietnam players enjoys the scenic view and challenges the another player to win. We added this game in our list of Best New Games for Android in 2024 because of game’s freeplay and open world map.

You can install it from playstore additionally its APK version is also available for download.

Stunt Bike Extreme

Stunt Bike Extreme

Stunt Bike Extreme is a super fun motocross racing game with cool jumps and speedy tracks for exciting stunts. in this game varieties of motorcycle is accessible by players like, mini monkey bike. Players can enjoy cinematic view in offline mode and can explore over 120 level in the game. It requires only limited space of 74mb to install it from playstore . The light size and realistic game levels made us to add this game in the list of Best New Games for Android.

Demolition Derby 3

Demolition Derby 3

Demolition derby 3 is a car racing game with exciting graphics and customized cards with an offline mode. Its all about destruction and open-driving world with multiplayer feature where a player can upgrade its vehicle for more fun and excitement. Its a new version of DD2 which is available on playstore with 133 mb in size only and this made it count in the list of best android games in 2024.

Art of Rally

Art of Rally

Art of rally is a racing game designed and inspired by 60’s era of rally where it challenges the players with daily and weekly mission to upgrade in its level. This game is available for android on google playstore with file size of 800 mb only as compared to its high end cartoon styled coloured graphics. Playing this game is really addictive and fun, give it a try. The different concept of this racing game attracts the user of mobile games so this is on the list of Top 5 New Games for Android.You must try playing this game.

Grand Gangster : Mafia Dad Sim

Grand Gangster  Mafia Dad Sim

This game provide players a real gaming experience in the city of Beverly hills in California with no lag and lets you drive around and completing the missions of adventure. You set the rules and you draws the limit while playing the game. you can install it from playstore with 100 mb.

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