Movie4Me Website 2021: How To Download & Watch HD Movies Free

To fill our free time, our first choice is to watch movies always. Everyone got a different taste of movies. Some like to watch Hollywood movies and some love Bollywood or Telugu/Tamil movies. Keeping this thing in mind, I have decided to give you the information about the top 10 sites like Movie4Me which serve the same purpose.

Movies help us to understand life and give life lessons. In general, we can say that movies are not just for fun but to learn various fields and puzzles of life. Some movies inspire people and some are the biography of some like “Legend of Bhagat Singh”. My personal favorite movies are science-fiction movies which give us an idea of invention and after that, we can work on it.

If you are visiting any site to download movies there are some points which you have to keep in mind in order to select the best one of them.

The very first thing is the placement of ads and how many ads are on those sites. Second is downloading the movie is an easy or difficult task. Third how types of movies are available, can you find all types of movies there.

In this era, people want to buy the subscription of Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar. If you are one of them, then you should postpone your plans because you can find every type of movies, serials, short films on these sites so what is the need for spending money.

But wait before you start downloading movies I want to tell you that these are all sites. which allows you to download movies for free are illegal and using them is also a crime. So before opening the site, you must use a VPN in order to save your privacy and sensitive data.


Everyone has his own taste like some want to watch Hollywood in English, some watch dubbed movies, and like see only Bollywood movies so according to this Movies4me always help. because you can find every type of content here.

you can download a movie in any form as you wish. The smallest copy of the movie is 300 MB which is a negligible size for movie lovers. the biggest resolution is 1080p, whose size is quite large around 1.5GB. if you just want to watch movies

There is a huge collection of movies like you can find Hollywood dubbed, Telugu Dubbed, Bollywood. you can also find Web series on this platform, for which other people are paying subscription fees to Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, etc. If you is not interested in these things, you might be seeing for 18+ shows. I’m glad to tell you that on Movies4me you can also find this type of show.

But I want to tell you that Movies4me is an illegal site. Because they are giving movies for free and eventually this leads to loss of production team which is very dangerous for the economic system of the country or world. So governments have announced Movie4me as illegal.

All have taken collective steps to stop these types of sites. Like google deindex these types of sites but they change the domain name and eventually, this site starts again.

Information about Movie4Me

Everyone wants to download movies for free. If you are getting something for free will you pay money? The same is here, you will all types of movies for free. No matter they are from Hollywood, Bollywood, or any web series. this eventually leads to a loss of production company.

So that is why google ban these types of a site like if you visit Movies4Me directly then you will not be able to enter the home page. Google has blocked this domain, but they trick google and after it, they change their domain name again. this continues in the same process.

you have listened to this term many times that nothing is free and the same is here. They are just giving you movies for free but, in return, they earn from ads that pop up after every click. in some cases, they also stole our personal information which is too valuable for every person.

So whenever you are visiting Movies4Me you should keep in mind that you are keeping your personal information on stake. If that is not a problem for you then you may continue, but always use a VPN while visiting these sites. this will eventually help you in saving you privacy.

History of Movie4Me

Movie4Me is quite a new website that was not famous at the starting but as the content grows site fan the following start increasing. Nowadays this site a user base of millions.

when Movie4Me was started just a few movies were there of Bollywood. There the only aim was to serve as Bollywood movies downloading site but slowly as time passes they started south Indian movies and after it, they also introduced Hollywood movies to download for free in just 300 MB.

If we talk about the present time you can download every type of movie in just 300 MB and this is the best thing of Movie4me. Not only movies you can also find many types of web series and 18+ series for free. So movies4me is the best site to download any type of movie in the present time.

Is this legal to visit these sites?

As we have already told you that Movies4me is an illegal site. So doing anything or downloading anything from Movie4me is also an illegal offense. Which you always have to keep in mind while visiting Movie4Me. There are specially made laws for this type of offenses like- piracy law. which is valid all over the world.

Domain details of Movie4Me

As we have already told you that these sites are illegal. So they are not eligible to use adds of google. But they use various different ways to earn money. as we all know that they have about the user base of millions and by this, they provide backlinks to various sites.

When every you click on the home page of site new pages always pop up these are due to backlinks and adds which are already attached on pages.

This is how they earn a chunk of money. but this is not enough for the team of Movie4me. they also run some code which stole the personal information of a user and sells them to various company. Which is valuable for all people. The Indian government has said that Movie4Me is a crime and if you caught visiting this site then it will be punishable.

There is various way to use these site one is VPN which bypass the boundaries of country and save you from getting punished. But we can’t say about your data. It’s better to use incognito mode and VPN both. Because Vpn will save you from getting caught and incognito does not store any information and don’t track you so. this is one of the safest options to consider.

Way to download movie From Movie4me?

Downloading movies from sites like Movie4me is a very annoying and headache thing. whenever you click anywhere on the home page one new page pops up. This happens every time, so it’s very difficult to manage.

At first, you should search for the movie which you want to download then just click on that movie.

Now select the category which you want to download and the size of the file will be according to your selection.

there are thee type first mp4 (300 mb) second 720p (1gb) third 1080p (1.5gb).

After it, a new page will open and this will contain links and server details of these sites.

now select a server and after it clicks on download your downloading will begin.

Movies4me will also show you some adds just don’t bother about them. they are just part of Movies4me income.

Why not to download movies from Movie4Me?

There are various reasons which raise a question mark on Movie4Me. The very first this is that they are doing illegal work by giving copyright products for free and this is lead to an offense for which they can be punishable and if you are found while visiting these site you can also be punished. This was the first reason.

Secondly, Because they are illegal they can earn from adds of google. So they use some illegal ways. Like if you click anywhere add will just pop up or you will be directed to another website, this is how they earn a big sum of money.

Movie4me also runs some code that secretly stole personal information in your device which can be very dangerous in the future.

We all know that it takes lots of effort and money to produce a single movie. Many people have given there time and dreams. These sites like Movies4Me totally waste their income for their own profit. Because of this many producing houses files bankrupt and we miss the change of getting good movies.

So indirectly these sites are spoiling our film industry and we are letting them do it. instead of this, we can use Netflix which is paid but if you watch movies they give some portion to the production team. this helps them and encourages them to make more movies with better topics.

So these were some points which are demerits of downloading movies for torrent sites like Movie4me.

Movie4Me app

Movies4me also has an app. You can’t download this app from the play store because this is pirated work so you can download this from any third party site. as we don,t support these types of sites so we are not providing the link to download this app. so rater than downloading this you can invest in amazon prime.

Many sites like these have there own apps like Tamil rocks also have their app. If you download these apps you will notice that no more pop up ads and the speed of downloading movies are way faster then any other things.

you can download there an app for every plate form like IOS, Andriod, etc so there will be no problem in downloading this app you just have searched for it on google and site will appear where you can download this type of app

Whenever you try to use this app always restrict its permissions. As I have told you earlier that this site can steal your important data. which you can’t share with anyone. so be aware before using Movie4Me apk version.

View of celebrities on piracy movies.

As we all know that downloading pirated movies from Movie4Me platforms eventually lead to the loss of the film industry. Many celebrities have urges people to avoid these types of sites and Movie4me included.

if an actor has a great fan following then he can easily recover his money. Many people go to the cinema and this help actors to generate various good sum of money

But just think about new actors they don’t have a fan base and these people also pirated the movie of newcomers just for their profit.

so this leads to the crash down of film and eventually, he is out of the game or film industry. Many celebs like Alia Bhatt has requested all people just to boycott these type of sites which will help to thrive our film industry.

Keeping this thing in mind you should do various things on your bases. as the government is doing by making laws against these types of sites.

There are various alternatives to these type of Movie4Me

I will show you 10 sites just like Movies4me.


This is also the best movie that has huge movies collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, etc this also helps you to stream movies online. and give you the option to select the resolution in which you want to watch a movie. so this is why this also a good option if you are a movie lover.

This is also the site that supports piracy and movies you downloaded from this site are illegal. so keeping this thing in mind you should visit this site. these sites can also steal your data so be aware of this thing.


If you haven’t listened to this site then you are new in the movie world. here I want to tell you that this site offers you the best collection of all movies. you can Hindi dubbed Hollywood, Hindi dubbed Telugu films and Bollywood also so if you want to watch any type of movie you find it on here.

Here are the one features that make this site different from all. if you are unable to find your movie then you can request for it and after one or two days your request will complete. after 2 days you can download requested movies form site.


Popcornflix is the second site after Movie4me and helps the user to watch movies online. they have a vast collection of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. the very special thing about the site is that you find any on the bases of your interest.

They had made different blocks according to the genres like you can find sci-fiction movies in different sections and mystery movies in different sections so you can say that this site is well arranged. If you don’t find your movies in the section then you can also search, about that movie.


Filmyzilla is better mobile users than Movie4Me. Filmyzilly mainly focuses on mobile customers. So the size of the movie is always less than 600mb which is great. You can say that Filmyzilla is boon for mobile phone users.

They have very interesting features that, you can search for any movie by its realizing year which is fascinating. You can find mainly Hollywood dubbed movies here. If you are a fan of south Indian movies then you should go to Movies4me.

Even there is no comparison between Filmyzilla and Movie4Me. I have just mentioned it to mobile phone users. One thing more Flmyzilla has the largest collection of Hollywood movies than Movie4Me.


The name of the site is Bollyshare but are also sharing movies of Hollywood and Kollywood. as you visit this site you will that the home page of the site is not so user friendly and there are too many ads. if you use add blocker then Bollyshare will refuse you to enter the site.

I think this is not a site anyone should visit because they are not just pirating but also making people fool by restricting ad blockers. I have my worst experience with this site.

I have just mentioned this site to make people aware of Bollyshare.


This site is consists of old movies you can find movies from 1920 to 2010. it is very difficult to find new movies on this site because they use servers of Youtube. By this, they are violation copyright so just blur the content little bit. but if you are fond of classical movies then you must visit Streamdor than Movie4me.

you can find full HD copies of classical movies at this site and they have a collection over 25 languages and countries. they cover each and every [art of Asia including Hollywood movies.


This site has a collection of Hollywood movies Dual audio. it is very difficult to find the search bar on this site you just have to scroll down to find your movies and this consumes lots of time. this site will also ask you to log in. It is not important, it’s your choice, you want to register you can otherwise there will not be a problem.

Now let us talk about the adds on this website. They haven’t placed too much adds like Movie4me which is I think a plus point for Yesmovies. You can also download any movies according to the IMD rating. this also tells us the performance of the movie.


This place is best to download any type of movie you can find every type of movie here no matter it Hindi, English, Japanese, etc. This is the best place for movie lovers but a person who wants to watch web series, They will find little trouble.

You will not be able to watch a good amount of web series so it will feel difficult. the adds popup too much which lead to irritation and headache my people get confused on how to download movie from Hdriday. So these are demerits of Hdfriday in comparison to Movie4me.


RdXHD has a huge collection of all types of movies. You can find Bollywood, South Indian, Hollywood Dubbed movies, and also some web series that are found on various platforms like amazon prime and Netflix. you can find everything needed here.

You don’t have to register on this site you can download anything for free without paying a single penny. this is amazing everything is available on one platform. but you have to suffer through pop up add. Which are annoying and make difficult to download film. Actually, whenever you are downloading any film always use high-speed internet otherwise it will spoil mood and time.


Same as other this Moviezwap has also the same feature you can find any type of movie here just like Movie4Me. So there is no difference between these two sites. If you don’t a movie on one site then you may proceed for others. This just pointed to mention Moviezwap on our list.

Here is all site which are illegal to around all over the world and if you caught using these site you will be punished that is why I recommend you to use legal way to watch movies and web series.

Now we will discuss some legal ways to watch movies and help. Here I will show you 3 legal ways to watch movies.

3 legal alternative to watch movies

The very best thing about legal alternatives is that they support the economy of the country and world. They pay taxes and help the government. you don’t have to bother while using them of punish. They also support our film industry which in return helps people in a growing country.


This is one of the best and most popular platforms for online streaming. these sites don’t let you download any movie but they can help you to watch it online. Subtitles are available in every movie no matter it’s English or Hindi. You can find tones of web series on Netflix.

some most popular series you can found here easily like lost in space etc. But one of the most popular “Game of throne” is not available here. because that series belong to another legal platform. So if you want to watch Game of throne you should purchase another subscription which we will discuss later on.

If you just want to watch movies you can join Netflix this best among all other available paid platforms


Hotstar is one of the best sites to which is now owned by Disney. On Hotstar you can enjoy many new coming shows like Spiderman. If you are a Marvel fan then you should buy Hotstar. Now marvel is own by Disney. That is why they will use their own platform to release new shows and movies.

so Hotstar subscription is good for you. You can also watch many Hindi and English movies here. But many don’t have subtitles as Netflix has so that is why you can face difficulty in order to feel and understand the dialogue. Hotstar provides many other features like you can watch IPL matches and cricket matches on this app.

you can also say that Hotstar is Tv is the new generation. Let’s talk about plans of Hotstar, they charge 1499 rs yearly which is an affordable amount.

Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is a rival of Netflix and this comes with a month trial and you can easily find new release films and web series on this site. They charge 999 Rs yearly which is nothing and you can access many things like amazon delivery will get fast.

With the subscription, you can access various features like ebooks many will be free for you. if you want to try you can also get prime music. Which is add free and you can stream it for free.

In 999 rs you are getting lots of things I think this deal not bad you should grab this one so that you can enjoy everything at one platform.

Note: We don’t own any of these websites and we are only providing information here. The web address or name of these website can be changed by the owners at any time so we don’t take any responsibility of that. Also if you open these websites then you are responsible for anything that happens to you. We don’t recommend anything to you and we are not encouraging anyone to use this websites.

Final Words

You can download any movie for free but keep things in mind that your personal information is on stake. There nothings for free. You are the product on the Internet. So rather than just going here and there, you should buy the subscription of any paid site in order to support our government and film sector.

Be a good citizen, If you ask me that which platform is best my decision is amazon prime. Because they have show Game of throne which is my favorite. Once you buy a subscription you don’t have to worry about anything. you can enjoy any movies at any time just with one click no adds and no tension.

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