Latest List of Sites To Read Comics Online For Free

People keep asking is there a website where I can read comics for free? Well, the answer is YES, you can read comics online free and there are so many websites for that purpose. Today I am going to share the latest updated list of these kinds of websites that shares comic books that you can read online without paying any money.

Doesn’t matter if you are a comic book junkie or want to read comic books after the great success of Marvel and DC movies, the Internet always got you covered. There are so many people who never read comic books before but after the cinematic presence and success of DC and especially Marvel movies they want to read all the comics. 

Comic books are great ways to pass your free time, but if you read marvel comics then you can find out more about your favorite character. However, it is really an expensive hobby as your local comic book store makes you purchase comic books first and then you can read that at your home, but on Internet, with the help of free comic book sites, you can easily read your favorite comic book for free. Now it is time for me to share the list of these sites so that you can read your desired comic book right now.

1. ReadComicOnline

free comic books reading sites

ReadComicOnline is not a new website it is very old and you can access a huge number of comic books on this website. You can read all these comic books for free. It also got DC Comics, Marvel Comics and even you can check out the Dark Horse (the comic books that made Hellboy) editions on this free comic books site.

As the site won’t charge anything from you when you read comic books on this website, but they do show inappropriate ads. You have to face a lot of ads but you will get whatever comic book you want to read on this website.


2. ComicExtra

reading comics online for free

Here is another amazing free comics website, it also contains almost every comic book in their database and they keep on adding the latest and ongoing comic books on the website. So you are not going to miss any comic book issue.

They got the sections like newly released, recently added, ongoing, and even the section for the completed comic books. So you can just enjoy every comic book without worrying about where to find the next issue or the older ones.

Accessing every comic on ComicExtra is very easy just search or select the comic book you want and then it will take you to the comic book page where you can check the Summary and Chapter (issue) list. You can select the comic book issue you want to read and then using the left and right key on the keyboard you can move pages. 


3. Marvel Comics

marvel comic books for free online

Do you know that you can read Marvel Comics on the official Marvel website for free? Well, they got the free section on the website itself and you can find that in the comics section at the bottom of the page. 

You can access the first issues of a number of Marvel Comics for free in this free section. These comics are best if you want an introduction to the Marvel comics. You can check out amazing comics like The Mighty Thor, The Life Of Captain Marvel, Venom, Thanos, Spiderman, and Black Panther, etc.

Click on the comic book you want to read and then you will see a Red Button which says read now, click on it and it will take you to the page where you can read the comic online. Use the Left and Right keyboard keys to move pages.


Final Words

I can make a huge list of free comic book reading websites, but almost every website is a copy of a single website. In short, other websites are scraping the content from ReadComicOnline website. 

I am sharing the best websites to read comics online for free in this list, but keep checking this page as I will update the list with the new best sites once I find them.

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