How To Test USB Flash Drive Read and Write Speed For Free

While buying a new piece of computer hardware it is very important to check the performance of that components. If you are also buying a new memory card, hard disk drive, or SSD it is very much needed to check the read and write speed of that tool. That is where the USB speed test software is needed.

These days USD Speed Test software are very popular and users don’t think twice to use it to test USB speed with these software. After all, we all need to be on the safer side. I myself was scammed once when I bought a USB drive and it wasn’t of top quality. So I am now more alert than ever and check everything twice or thrice sometimes.

Chances are also that sellers sometimes sell you fake data drives. But you can check that with h2testw software and to check the read and write speed of the drive you can follow this guide and be on the safer side.

USB drive with a good read and write speed will save you a lot of time while copying or transferring data. So test the USB first and get to know if you got the right drive or not.

Best Tools To Test USB Drive Speed

We won’t bore you with useless paragraphs like others, we are simply sharing the best free USB speed test software below. You can install any of these or use all of these to test your USB disk drive.

1. H2testw

download h2testw

H2testw is a free and simple tool that is made and distributed for free. H2testw Heise application helps you to check if your storage device is up to marks. Without any installations, H2testw comes with easy to use interface and you can easily use this software.

H2testw is a lightweight software and this system maintenance and stress testing software helps you to verify the integrity and the performance of your USB storage sticks and other types of storage devices also.

You can download H2testw now and keep checking your storage devices on daily basis to monitor their health and performance. This way you can know when you need to change your storage device or you can make copies of your data.

H2testw is free computer software which is created by Harald Boegeholz and this software helps you to check your storage devices for their real size, rather than the promoted side. You can also check the reading and writing speed of the storage device

2. USBDeview


USBDeview is free USB speed test software created by Nirsoft and it is portable USB speed test software. This software is able to list all USB devices that are currently connected to your computer. It also shows the list of USB devices that were previously used. You will see Device name/description, device type, serial number (for mass storage devices), the date/time that device was added, VendorID, ProductID, and more…

You can uninstall the previously used USB devices, disconnected current ones, and disable or enable USB devices. The interface of this software is easy to use and you can easily speed test your USB with this software.

3. Parkdale


Parkdale is a mini software that’s intended to check your difficult drives’ examine and write velocity. You can get the examine and write velocity of your hard disk, CD-ROM gadgets, and community servers in Kilobyte, Megabyte, or maybe Gigabyte in keeping with 2d with this application. So, Parkdale is certainly an awesome device for periodical test-ups.

Parkdale offers you a robust and neat tool to check the performance of your hard drives by and large, whilst also helping you benchmark your optical drives and community connections. Additionally, it works together with your USB flash drives and informs you whether the captured pace is low or top-rated.

The bottom line is that Parkdale can show to be a crucial device for periodical check-ups. Of path, it can be used to brag about your newly hooked up hyper devices, however, it serves its reason with flying hues. The loss of documentation can be viewed as a downside; but, this does not intrude with this quite brilliant piece of software program.

4. SpeedOut


SpeedOut is a small, easy and transportable tool that may quick degree the sequential examine and write speed of your flash force. The program runs the exams at a low stage (wishes to be run as admin) because of this the ratings aren’t stricken by the force record system.

Simply select your USB power from the drop-down when you have multiple, and SpeedOut will run 4 passes for each reading and writing test, then display the average for each. The ratings can be saved or copied by way of right-clicking at the identify bar. SpeedOut is non-destructive which means no files are overwritten and the flash force doesn’t need formatting to run the check.

If you’re trying to find a small and easy-to-use portable utility for your Windows 10 laptop to test the study and write velocity, then you want to give Speed out a try. Guess what? The software program is very light on CPU and machine reminiscence and takes only a few seconds to complete the take a look at. However, Speedout doesn’t display any other info other than the examine and write speed.

5. CrystalDiskMark

easier solution to check USB flash drive speed

CrystalDiskMark is a disk benchmark software program that comes with each installer in addition to transportable mode. This software is a multitasker that can also check the RAM for reading and write velocity. The user interface is apparent and simple with large numbers showing the modern write speed. CrystalDiskMark comes with different topics if you take care of them.

CrystalDiskMark is a good all-around device for testing the overall performance of tough drives, SSD drives, and additionally USB flash drives. CrystalDiskMark is any other exceptional device that you can use to test the performance of your USB flash drives. Well, it can additionally take a look at the velocity of your SSD drives. The high-quality element approximately CrystalDiskMark is that it lets customers select the default check length before strolling the test.

For checking out slower USB flash drives we endorse losing the default take a look at size to 50MB/100MB and maybe the wide variety of passes to at least one or maybe 2, then it gained take goodbye to complete the take a look at. For faster drives that may be increased to 500MB/1GB. After selecting the USB pressure from the drop-down list, you can run all four tests by clicking All or pick out a Sequential/4K test to run in my opinion. For USB drives storing media like the tune, video, or photos, the 4K scores are probably no longer going to be wished.

6. Flash Drive/Card Tester

check the benchmark performance of your USB flash drives or SD cards

Flash Drive/Card Tester. It’s a device to test your detachable USB flash drives, Compact Flash cards, or SD cards for studying and writing errors at the same time as displaying the speed of the power at the identical time.

Flash Drive/Card Tester is greater of a device to check your detachable USB flash drives, Compact Flash cards or SD playing cards etc for study and write errors, but additionally suggests the velocity of the power at the same time as it’s being examined. It’s the handiest device here that particularly needs set up.

Think of jogging multiple exams at an equal time, this saves some time pretty much plenty if you test multiple USB drives. The consequences are easy to read; positioned at the bottom.

The software is able to carry out a read take a look at, a detrimental write test, or a combined study, write and compare take a look at. As Flash Drive/Card Tester is a testing device it’ll maintain going till the entire pressure has been examined. Therefore, we’d possibly suggest preventing after 5 mins or so that you could get a score. The result will display any recoverable or deadly read and write errors at the side of the very last average pace.

Flash Drive Tester is a device to test for any errors in a flash pressure and fix them. Along with showing the test outcomes, Flash Drive Tester additionally lists the common study and writes the velocity of that flash power. This unfastened tool installs to your Windows PC, and you may additionally check out errors for SD playing cards and SSDs.


So guys these are the best software for the USB Speed test. Using these free speed test software for USB you can easily check the read and write speed of your disk drive. We shared the free ones here and without any doubt, there are paid ones also available that you can search online.

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