Download H2testw for Windows 10, 7 and 8.1 (64 bit/32 bit)

H2testw is a free and simple tool that is made and distributed for free. H2testw Heise application helps you to check if your storage device is up to marks. Without any installations, H2testw comes with easy to use interface and you can easily use this software.

H2testw is a lightweight software and this system maintenance and stress testing software helps you to verify the integrity and the performance of your USB storage sticks and other types of storage devices also.

We all got so many important files on our computer, and if the storage device (HDD) fails to perform then you can lose all your data. This software will allow you to check if your storage device is working smoothly or not.

You can download H2testw now and keep checking your storage devices on daily basis to monitor their health and performance. This way you can know when you need to change your storage device or you can make copies of your data.

About H2testw

download h2testw latest version

H2testw is free computer software which is created by Harald Boegeholz and this software helps you to check your storage devices for their real size, rather than the promoted side.

This software helps you to check if the storage device you bought is original or fake. Like sometimes we buy SD cards and the storage is different as it is mentioned on the packing. This software will help you to check that, you can check the actual size of the SD cards, Pen Drives or HDD, etc.

With H2testw, you can compose and peruse how much information the capacity gadget is really equipped for holding. This can work with network drives, hard drives, SD cards, and USB sticks.

H2testw Features

Check out the features and highlight functions below:-

  • The software is lightweight
  • H2testw is portable
  • It comes with a User-Friendly interface
  • It is fast and provides accurate data
  • 100% free
  • English and German languages
  • You can check the reading and writing speed of the storage device
  • You can check if the storage device is fake or original
  • Works with all Windows versions
  • It scans drives and volume areas
  • It is able to detect deteriorating performance
  • It can detect reduced drive capacity and this way you can check if the storage device is original or not

H2testw System Requirements and Installation Guide


  • Windows 7, Windows 7 x64 Edition
  • Windows XP, Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
  • Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 Edition
  • Windows 8, Windows 10

Download H2testw

You can download h2testw in a zip file and then easily extract it and use it without any license or permission. This application works with Windows OS, including Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (both 32-cycle and 64-digit).

With H2testw you can scan your entire storage devices or you can select a specific amount of data you want to scan. It works for all kinds of storage devices and you create in-depth tests of your storage devices.

The amazing thing is you can even test the reading speed of your storage device and also the writing speed. This will help you to check the health status and capabilities of the device.

When you start the app, you will be greeted with a minimalist interface that features eyeless visuals. All controls are represented using simple user interface elements, including the three most important tools: the “target” button to select a disk to test, the “data volume to test the whole drive or a specific part”. “And finally” Write + “Verify for in-depth tests”. The core of the testing is about your disk’s ability to write and read the dummy file that the H2Testw application has created. This process is repeated in all areas of the drive, allowing you to detect those areas that indicate slow memory deterioration and show signs of flash memory deterioration.

  • Version: 1.4
  • File Size: 214 KB
  • Operating System: Windows 7/ Windows 10

How to Use H2testw

  • Start the program
  • Select your language
  • Then click on select the target and select the storage device that you want to scan
  • Click on Verify
  • Now, wait, if everything is fine with the storage device. It will show you test finishes without errors message.

progress h2testw

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is h2testw?

H2testw is a computer application that helps you to check the integrity of the storage device. You can check the real size of the storage device and health and other real statistics of the storage device with the H2testw.

Q- Is H2testw Safe?

Yes, H2testw is completely safe to use. You don’t need to install this software on your computer because H2testw is portable and completely safe to use.

Q- How do I know if my SD card is legit?

To check if your SD card is legit or not, you can use the free software called H2testw. You can download the H2testw latest version and check if your storage device is original or not.

Q- What is a safe website to download H2testw.exe?

You can use the above-given button to download the latest version of the h2testw software.


H2testw is licensed as freeware and it works for the windows (32bit and 64bit) operating system. You can install it on a laptop or desktop without any issue. H2testw 1.4 is available for free and you can download h2test2 for windows using the above link.

Note: H2testw is a freeware software and anyone download and install this software for free. We are only sharing the free version of this software on this website. If you own this software and want us to remove this article from our website please contact us.

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