Driver Identifier – Way to Find and Download Drivers Easily

Life without computers is not complete, and so is a computer without drivers. Computers can do every single task for you and it is your duty to make sure every driver is installed on your computer and is up-to-date. Also, you can get better performance from a computer if all the drivers like Wi-Fi, Sound, Display, etc. are installed.

I know it is hard to find drivers and it is not a piece of cake for everyone. That is why I am here with a solution, Driver Identifier.

It is a tool that helps you to install and update the drivers. You can easily install the required drivers on your Windows Computer using the DriverIdentifier system utility tool. This tool will help you to find the right website from where you can find the driver that you need, It can not install drivers on its own.

Driver Identifier - Way to Find and Download Drivers Easily

Driver Identifier Details

  • First of all, it is a free tool, and anyone download and install this amazing tool. There is no need to pay anything to install this software.
  • This tool can not install the drivers on its own. But it will redirect you to the website where the driver or its latest update is available so you can directly download the driver from that website.
  • DriverIdentifier can scan your PC/Desktop and let you know which driver is missing. But to check driver updates you need to scan manually.
  • It even works without an internet connection.
  • You can also download the portable version of Driver Identifier tool.
  • Best thing about this tool is that it won’t install unrelated programs during setup as other similar products do.

More About DriverIdentifier

Driver Identifier supports all versions of windows and you can easily check what driver your system lacks. You can also check for updates of drivers and install them using this tool.

  • This tool shows all the information about the driver like release date, version number, size, and filename.
  • It will find drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these Windows versions: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Their database is pretty huge and they let you access that to find all the information and their database is updated regularly.
  • Anyone can use this tool, as it comes within a user-friendly interface. Just install the tool and it will start scanning your pc and then you need to follow the tool.

My Views

DriverIdentifier is one of the lightweight and simplest driver updater tools that you can find on the internet for free. There is no need to set up anything to start the process of installing drivers using this tool. Just download, install and it will start its work, it is that easy to use.

However, it can not install the driver on its own, so it is going to open a webpage every time you want to install the driver. So you need to download the driver manually and that webpage may contain ads and so many fake download buttons. So you need to prepare yourself to counter those.

It also lacks features like schedule scan and it also can not automatically update the drivers with the latest update. You can use DriverPack Solution for simpler and advanced work.

If you are interested to use this tool just click on the download button below and download the tool from the official website. This tool is legit and doesn’t contain any malware or harmful file.

| (Official Website)

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