10 Best Coinmarketcap Alternatives To Try in 2021

As we all know that nowadays everyone wants to earn money and cryptocurrency is one of best platform for the investment. When we are going to invest, the research on every aspect is important. For doing research we need reliable information and at the correct time.

Trading in cryptocurrency needs active person and heart of iron. you have to keep eye on the news and the trend of market. If you are lazy my friend then you should stay out of this market. Every economical news effect the price  fluctuations of cryptocoins.

If you ask someone, which site is for best for the tracking of the prices of coins and information of particular currency? Majority will say coin market cap is one of the trusted sites . But according to me depending on one site is very detrimental for the future growth of market.

If we study about the incident of XRP coins then we will came to know that coinmarketcap had published the wrong data in 2017 and this lead to the huge loss of investors. Which proves not to trust blindly on one site while you are investing.

Here we will show you 10 most trusted sites in like coinmarketcap.

Best Sites Like Coinmarketcap

Best Coinmarketcap Alternatives To Try


CoinsGecko is well known name in this industry.When you enter the site this will resemble like coinmarketcap but this is totally different. Their site provides you the vast set of functions like you can track the price of any coin in the real time and you can also check the market-cap, volume,supply in just split of seconds.

There are some special things about coinGecko which make it so famous. The very first, site is available in 15 different languages. Second, they has the one of the biggest team to solve the problems. They have also launch their app, which can be easily download  from App store and play store.

They have added the various coins to the their platform but if you compare these with others you will notice that some crypto

are missing which is not a good point.

  • You can check the price,market cap and volume in realtime
  • Its available in 15 languages
  • You can download app
  • Easy to use
  • Easy acess to information about coin
  • Also gives you the future accumption
  • Not all cryptocurrencies are inculded


Coincap is rival of coinmarketcap and there are many things which make it superior from coinmarketcap. Whenever you enter the site it will seems that home is little busy, but that is not a problem. If you want the detail of any coin you should click on it and the pie cart will appear and which will show you the history of coin,

Coincap track the volume,market cap,supply and price of any coin in the realtime this will also show you the price by comparing with others coins. this is the beauty of this system

App is available in IOS and andriod both and app has 15 languages including english which is biggest advantage of this platform. As we all know that everything is not perfect so this system also have some downsides, like- everyone doesn’t like the user interface and some features are missing.

  • Shows the present price of coin
  • Available in different languages
  • App is also available
  • Everyone doesn’t like the user interface
  • Some features are missing in compare to others

Live coin watch

Live coin watch is a boon for the traders which was launched in 2017. According to me this one this the best on which you should trust. This site will help you to track various features  like volume,market cap and price over 2000 coins which is pretty big in comparing to others.

if we talk about the user interface the it is quite friendly. Its design is very elegant, eye catching and give you the needed information in straight forward manner. As we all know that in the southkorean exchange the prices are little bit higher so you can also exclude it. There is separate option of it.

signup on this site is totally free after doing that you just have to watch the price of coins to buy. you change the price of crypto from dollars to various other currencies.

There are two types of views available day mode and night mode you can switch on any as your need. You can also shift to full screen  mode if needed.

  • Display is way beyond then any site
  • Number of research tools is high
  • Help you to setup your own portfolio
  • Easy to get information
  • New in business


Coinllib is one of new sites in this bussines and they are doing pretty well. There are some features which you can only find on coinlib like you can compare the price with 4 other coins at the time you can select the best one for you.

The registration is free and after this you can enjoy the feature of portfolio managing. During signup it may ask for some of your personal information, But this is not a big deal.

Coinlib provide you the data of the market cap,volume,supply and price at the present time. This will also help you in gaining the information about the particular coin. any type if information you want is available in the data base of Coinlib.

There are some additional features like they give the news about the coins which will eventually help you in guessing the price of any coin in future. If we talk about the home page of this site its is quite user friendly and every thing is easily visible.

you can also download the app of coinlib form any platform no matter you is holding Ios or android system.

As we all know that ever site has some pros and cons

  • You can access the information about 4500 coins
  • App can easily found on app store and play store
  • Easy to use
  • Gives news related to coins
  • Some features are missing in compare to live coin watch


They enter business in 2014 and they have launched their site in 2015. Their aim is just to provide valuable information to their users. when you will enter site it will seem bit confusing but with time you will get use to it.

There are more than 1000 coins listed on this site they also track top 65 coins and gives you the correct information about them. This show the value of coin in the various form like dollar, Euros and many others. this also compare the value of two coins. Which will help you to to select the best one in the market.

if you signup with them they will provide you the free version for the portfolio management, wallet review etc which i think are quite essential.

this site is just like the other one which provide you the same information as others without charging the single cent.

  • Easy to get information
  • You can trust them easily
  • View trading volume according to different-different exchanges.
  • Others sites has better display then Cryptocompare.


Coincodex collect the data of over 2400 coins and and 110 exchanges. Coins are shorted according to the market cap share. If you need information about any coin then just click on it and a pie chart will appear which will give you the information about price market cap, history of that coin.

When you will go to description section section you will find news related to particular coin. They will help you to buy coin step by step. They can also help you in exchanging two coins.

When you register with them you can star mark any coin and then you can directly access to coin. Registering with them is free. they will charge zero fee from you.

All your information is shown in your profile. even the purchases you made and real time price of that coins. which helps you in tracking your profits and losses.

  • Easy access
  • Around 2400 coins are added
  • Too much adds on home page


OnchainFX is the next site in this series which will offer you the various features and pieces of information which you can’t get anywhere else. This site track the price of particular coin in the real time, marketcap,volume and the the exchange at which coins are transfer.

Like the rest of sites this will also provides you the information for free without charging the single penny. This site also take ROI both short term and long term which will help you in perdicting the future mature amount.

Here you will get the vast information about many coins. This also show the supply percentage of any coin which is basic for the price of any coin.

This system is very sophisticated which is not user friendly for the new comers. so if you are new stay out of this beast.

  • Shows ROI
  • Show supply percentage
  • Valuable piece of information
  • Not good for  beginners


whenever you are going to invest in crypto it good to investigate and coincheck up is also one of the site which provide you the best information  about any coin.

This also rank the coin on various measures like how responsive is team to the questions of customer, the product,strength of team etc. Each coin is given rating on the base of 5 stars. they had also published the formula of rating the coin on various noms.

Coincheckup also provide you the prediction tool will will help you in taking correct decision. you can change the exchange with help of Coincheckup.

this shows the value of over 1700 coin in various other currencies like dollars,Euros etc.

  • Data of 1800 coins are available
  • Easy to use
  • Help to predict
  • Provide valuable information
  • Too much adds on homepage


this site is famous for it’s exchaing porpose. if you want to change coins you don’t have to register but it will charge 0.5% of total and your name will keep secret which no one can track.So everyone loves coinranking for  this feature.

this also provide the accurate data of the coin price,marketcap,volume at the real time from different-different exchanges so this will help in accounting your investment easily.

if you want to research on any coin coin the coinranking can provide you the history,news and chart of price. The value of coins are shown in the different currencies like dollar and many else.

so all i want to say is that if you want to invest then you must visit ones this site.

  • Keeps transition secret
  • No registration required
  • Has less functions in compare to others


The last one in the list is cryptowatch. This is not free like the others are, they give you the free trail of 14 days and after it they will charge $15 every month. As this is paid site so its the best among the all.

they provide you the last 24 hour chart and they also have various display options. this site was launched in 2015 by kraken so there is no issue of trust.

you can trust this blindly. every thing which is avilable on all other sites is available on this alone. you can say that it,s crux of all sites. if you are professional then you should go for this site because $15 is not a big deal in the field of crypto.

If you are beginner then first you should try 14 day version after that if it suits you may continue.

  • Multiple display settings are available
  • You can find every information related
  • This is paid


Every site mention above provide you the best information of coins but i want to tell you investing in crypto without knowledge is very risky. Little mistake can lead to huge loss.

So remaining update is really important this all sites will help you in this process. these cryptos are highly volatile so so you have to keep eye on them other wise you will loose money.

Our mission is to provide information on various issues. If you find any mistake please lets know in comments so that we can improve it.

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