Coin Master Monetization Strategy Revealed! How It Became a $1,28B Game

When it comes to generating revenue, Coin Master is no slouch.

The game raked in an impressive $1,28 billion in 2021 and is one of the top-grossing games worldwide.

So, how does Coin Master monetize?

Well, there are a few key elements to the game’s monetization strategy.

First and foremost, Coin Master is a free-to-play game. This means that it makes its money through in-game purchases.

Players can buy Coins, Spins, and other items with real money in the game’s store.

Coin Master also uses advertising as a source of revenue. The game displays ads to players who watch them voluntarily in exchange for rewards.

Finally, the game also offers a VIP subscription. This gives players access to exclusive features and content, as well as a boost to their Coin and Spin earnings.

All of these elements come together to create a monetization strategy that is both effective and profitable.

Coin Master’s monetization strategy is clearly working. The game is one of the highest-grossing games of 2021 and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’re looking to generate revenue from your own mobile game, then you would be wise to take a page out of Coin Master’s playbook.

How Successful is Coin Master?

Moon Active, the creators of Moon Master, is responsible for Coin Master. It was first launched in 2015 and took several years to achieve global popularity and top-grossing charts. We all know that the game is a success, and here’s how much it has made so far. By 2021, the game had 181 billion worldwide downloads. In terms of revenue, Coin Master generated $1.3 trillion throughout its existence (unless otherwise noted).

2020 will be a defining year for Coin Master. The downloads shot up in May 2020, when the coronavirus lockdown began. Revenues peaked at the same time, in April and May 2020. After that, the numbers remained steady for the rest of 2020.

Android’s share of total downloads was less than that of the iPhone.7, 8 The revenue breakdown for Google Play is a little different from that of other platforms.9Google Play has a broader selection of titles and apps then Spotify, as well as exclusive offerings not available on any other service. As such, Android users had somewhat more purchasing power than iPhone owners did before (Android users made up 66% vs. Apple’s 35%), thus lowering costs to make more money in the long run by offsetting competition through coordination and integration rather than having to fight it out with rivals who have better pricing structures -> Android’s slice of overall downloads was considerably lower than that of the iPhone 7/8 Plus’. 7 , 8 Although Apple Pay initially dominated over contact

One of the key reasons for these numbers is the game’s strategy regarding user acquisition. It’s clear that their main objective is to tap into the US market, as they’ve enlisted the help of a slew of well-known US celebrities to promote it.

The bottom line is that it obviously works. We also addressed this in our Coin Master advertising analysis, so make sure to read it. People just can’t resist playing the same game as Jennifer Lopez or Kris Jenner!

First Impressions

We think that putting ourselves in the shoes of the players is the best approach to examine a game. For this reason, I picked up the game for the first time. We’re all aware of how crucial first impressions are. This is how Coin Master handled its initial impressions.

When the game first launched, there was only a start menu with two options: play as a guest or connect to a Facebook account. But before that, players agree to the privacy policy.

I’ve chosen to play as a guest and was urged to reconsider and link with Facebook right now. Other than the advantage of playing with pals, players may obtain benefits for doing so.


The next step in the procedure is a straightforward, step-by-step guide that appeared as I played. You learn about how it all works. I discovered that in order to create my game villages, I would need to play a slot machine and win coins. Aside from that, I have the option of attacking and pillaging other players’ settlements.

In addition, the game includes a customization option, allowing players to name their viking. They didn’t go overboard with in-app purchases in the onboarding process. Instead, they stressed the social nature of the game.

Game Design

Slot games are frequently all over the place and include complex features. This was a blunder Moon Active avoided making – the design is both clean and original. You wouldn’t expect much from a slots game design, and Coin Master delivers.

The game’s art style is relaxed, and the start menu does not demand much thought. The protagonist of the game, a pig named Charlie, may be found throughout it: in events, offers, etc. Each new settlement is distinct in its own way, ranging from Stone Age and Sunny Hawaii to Snowy Alps.


Naturally, the slot machine and the large red spin sign get most of the players’ attention. On top of the home screen, players can see how much money and items they have.

On the left side, there’s an IAP section beneath. This includes a store symbol as well as any time-limited deals that are accessible in the game at the moment.

On the game’s home screen, there’s a menu with information about the game’s other features: the village, the game store, news, village shop, map, and social aspects.

When you’re pillaging and attacking other players’ villages, a different gameplay screen appears. It has the appearance of a mid-core game with a light and comical design. Because this is not actually a mid-core game, everything happens in only a few seconds and progresses quickly.

Main Game Mechanics

The game’s basic loop is a conventional slot machine, but the way it is blended with game meta elements makes it stand out.

TLDR: Spin the slot machine to earn money, construct your base, and unlock levels. The game employs several distinct mechanics in order to achieve this.

Slot Mechanics

When you spin a slot machine, you’ll get a different combination of symbols. This mechanism is at the core of every casino game and this one is no exception. Naturally, the spins are restricted. The players receive 5 free spins each hour. This type of time-based mechanic falls under the heading of energy mechanics. It takes 10 hours for the tank to fill up completely (50 spins) when using this rate.)

As a result, after getting a good night’s sleep, the player may start their first session in full enthusiasm. This sort of mechanism also has an exit point since there isn’t much more to do in the game if you aren’t planning to get spins another way. As a result, short natural sessions are produced. However, the knowledge that they will be able to replenish their supply at some time is what keeps them playing.

In essence, the game’s various layers exist to keep players coming back to the slot machine.


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