Coin Master: Daily Free Spin Links for 12 March, 2024

Free Spin Links for coin master

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On March 12, 2024, players of Coin Master can get five free links to collect spins and coins, which are necessary for playing the game. Usually, you’d have to play for a long time or spend actual money to get these items. However, the game’s creator, Moon Active, shares posts on their Facebook and Twitter pages with videos or picture puzzles. The free links you can use are found in the text below these posts.

To make the most of this, keep an eye on Moon Active’s social media pages, as they frequently offer these freebies. Clicking on the links in the posts will add the free spins and coins directly to your game account, allowing you to progress faster without spending money. This is a great way for players to stay engaged and enjoy the game without the need for constant grinding or financial investment.

Below are Coin Master free spin links for March 12, 2024.

Complete list of Daily Coin Master free spin links (March 12, 2024)

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Get daily free spins by redeeming the links offered by Moon Active

Moon Active provides over 70 free spins and millions of coins daily through their Coin Master links. These links are only active for two days, so it’s important to use them quickly before they expire.

Coin master new event “Magical Charm Chase”

Watch gameplay to know how to play this event.

All active links for today:

Once you’ve used all the available links, you can still earn more free spins in Coin Master by engaging in various activities:

  1. Hit lightning bolt symbols: When playing the slot machine, landing on lightning bolt symbols can earn you extra spins.
  2. Collect cards: Completing card collections and albums in the game rewards you with spins.
  3. Participate in daily events: Completing tasks in daily in-game events can yield more spins.
  4. Enter daily tournaments: Achieving high rankings in daily tournaments can also reward you with spins.
  5. Invite friends: Sending download links to friends to join the game can earn you spins.
  6. Receive daily gifts: You can get spins as daily gifts from friends within the game.
  7. Passive earning: Based on your level, you can automatically earn spins every hour.
  8. Build your village: Completing a village construction can also reward you with spins.

How to claim free spins from daily Coin Master links

Redeeming free spins and coins in Coin Master is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. First, ensure that your mobile device has a stable internet connection. Then, select an active link from the list provided. This link will automatically redirect you to the Coin Master app on your device. After the app loads all necessary assets, a dialog box will appear on your screen displaying the details of your reward, with a “Collect” button located below these details. By tapping the “Collect” button, the free spins and coins will be added directly to your in-game inventory, ready for you to use.

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