Best Manga Sites to Read Manga Online – Legally & Free

Manga Sites don’t need an introduction as they allow manga lovers to read manga online for free. If you also love manga like me and so many others then you must be wondering where you can read manga online legally and for free. Well, my friend your search just ends here because you are going to find an updated list of legal sites to read manga online. Manga comes in so much variety and you can check all of that by using these free manga websites.

What is Manga?

Japanese comics or Graphic novels are called Manga and the term Manga is used in Japan to refer to both cartoons and comics. But outside of Japan, people use the Manga word to refer to comics only.

Almost every Anime starts as a manga and sometimes based on a Manga’s popularity creators make an Anime version of it. Manga is very popular not only in Japan but globally. There are so many genres of Manga and you can access all of those on these free manga websites that I am sharing below.

Free Manga Websites to Read Manga Online

1. Mangakakalot

If you want to check out a variety of manga online then you can use Manga Kakalot. It got a huge collection of over 40 different genres and you can find almost every single popular series here and also the less popular ones too.

You can easily access everything on this website, on the homepage you will see everything. You can check out the Latest Manga Releases, Hot Manga, New Manga, and also the list of completed manga series. Also, the manga chapters are served on a single web page so you can just scroll down the page and read all the content.


2. MangaReader

MangaReader is one of the latest and best manga websites online. You can easily find your desired manga on this website and read all the chapters. The website is updated regularly with fresh and latest mangas.

The website got a nice and simple design and everyone can access all the pages. You can check out the Top Manga in the right sidebar to stay up to date and the Latest Manga Section on the homepage tells you what’s new they added on the website.


3. MangaOwl

Now I am sure you are going to like this MangaOwl website as it is so much bigger and interesting to use this website. You can get registered on this website and make your own favorite manga collection and also participate in the discussion. You can share your thoughts and read about all others.

This website contains over 100 genres of manga and the team keeps adding more and more manga on the daily basis. You can check out the latest and top manga section to stay updated. You can even read adult manga on this website and it also contains so many popular manga series that you can check anytime.


4. Bato – Read Manga Online

Another amazing manga website to read manga online for free. This website is also 100% secure and free like other shared websites. The website is nicely designed and everything is accessible for everyone. You can also check out the top uploader list on the homepage itself along with the sections of the Latest Manga Releases, Top Mangas, and even you can leave a comment if you want to suggest, complain, or have something to say.

This website has a huge variety of manga and you can access the manga in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, and many more languages.


5. MangaDex

MangaDex is not a new website and you may already know about this website, but there is one surprise for you too. MangaDex recently changed the whole design of their website and now it is completely changed.

This is another good website to read manga online for free without paying anything. You can check out the Latest Updated and Recently Added Manga on the homepage itself.

Other than that they got manga series from so many different genres like Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adult, Sports and so many more. It also allows you to make an account and join different groups and interact with other manga lovers.



On Internet, People keep asking what is the cheapest way to read manga online? Well, I have just shared the freeway for it and you can try it yourself. Just because you don’t have enough money to spend doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy reading manga. Internet is really amazing if you know how to use it.

I just shared the free and legal websites to read manga online and you can browse these websites without paying anything. One thing, as these websites, don’t charge anything from you for the manga, but they do show ads that you are forced to watch. By showing ads they earn money and that money helps them to keep running their websites.

Now I have shared everything, I hope this article is useful for you and it helps you to read your favorite manga online.

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